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C Interview Questions
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What is merge sort in c?


What is pivot in c?


What is quick sort in c?


What is sorting in c plus plus?


What is string function in c?


What is time complexity c?


Is c functional or procedural?

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Why c is called free form language?


Why c is called procedure oriented language?


for (i <= 5 && i >= -1;++i; i > 0) { printf("%d ", i); }

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Declare the structure which contains the following members and write in C list of all students who score more than 75 marks. Roll No, Name, Father Name, Age, City, Marks.


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How many header files are in c?


What is mean by data types in c?


Why c is called object oriented language?


Can we initialize extern variable in c?


what is ur strangth & weekness


How do you print only part of a string?


What does the function toupper() do?


Write a C program to accept a matrix of any size. Find the frequency count of each element in the matrix and positions in which they appear in the matrix


At a shop of marbles, packs of marbles are prepared. Packets are named A, B, C, D, E …….. All packets are kept in a VERTICAL SHELF in random order. Any numbers of packets with these names could be kept in that shelf as in this example: bottom of shelf ---> [AAAJKRDFDEWAAYFYYKK]-----Top of shelf. All these packets are to be loaded on cars. The cars are lined in order, so that the packet could be loaded on them. The cars are also named [A, B, C, D, E,………….]. Each Car will load the packet with the same alphabet. So, for example, car ‘A’ will load all the packets with name ‘A’. Each particular car will come at the loading point only once. The cars will come at the loading point in alphabetical order. So, car ‘B’ will come and take all the packets with name ‘B’ from the shelf, then car ‘C’ will come. No matter how deep in the shelf any packet ‘B’ is, all of the ‘B’ packets will be displaced before the ‘C’ car arrives. For that purpose, some additional shelves are provided. The packets which are after the packet B, are kept in those shelves. Any one of these shelves contains only packets, having the same name. For example, if any particular shelf is used and if a packet with name X is in it, then only the packets having names X will be kept in it. That shelf will look like [XXXXXXX]. If any shelf is used once, then it could be used again only if it is vacant. Packets from the initial shelf could be unloaded from top only. Write a program that finds the minimum total number of shelves, including the initial one required for this loading process.


Is main is user defined function?


Why isnt there a numbered, multi-level break statement to break out


Explain enumerated types in c language?


Explain 'bit masking'?


what are the different storage classes in c?


What is the difference between the local variable and global variable in c?