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program to find the second largest word in a paragraph amongst all words that repeat more thn twice

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why i join syntel?

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Write code for initializing one dimentional and two dimentional array in a C Program?

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what is the difference between NULL & NUL keywords in C?

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how many argument we can pas in in a function


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palindrome for strings and numbers----Can anybody do the prog?

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How many types of linked lists what are they? How many types of data structures?

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What are the phases in s/w developed life cycle? wat is the diff b/w stack & queue...where do we use stack

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What is function pointer and where we will use it

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Who had beaten up hooligan "CHAKULI" in his early college days?

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write a program to find out number of on bits in a number?

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post new interiew question and aptitude test papers

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what information does the header files contain?

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Write a program that accept anumber in words


please explain every phase in the "SDLC" in the dotnet.


write a c program to print the next of a particular no without using the arithmetic operator or looping statements?


in a town the percentage of men is 52 the percentage of total literacy is 48 if total percentage of literate men is 35 of the total population write a program to find the total no of the literate men and women if the population of the town is 80000


Write a program that takes a 5 digit number and calculates 2 power that number and prints it(should not use big integers and exponential functions)


illustrate the use of address operator and dereferencing operator with the help of a program guys plzzz help for this question


2) Write a program that will help Air Traffic Control for an airport to view the sequence of flights ready for take-off. The airport can accommodate 10 flights waiting for take-off at any point in time. Each flight has a unique 3 digit numeric identifier.  Each time a flight takes-off, Air Traffic Control adds a flight to the waitlist. Each time a flight is added to the waitlist, the list of flights waiting to take-off must be displayed.  When a flight is cleared for take-off, Air Traffic Control removes the flight from the waitlist. Each time a flight takes-off, the list of flights waiting to take-off must be displayed.  Sequence of take-off is the sequence of addition to the waitlist


1. Write a function to display the sum of two numbers in the following ways: By using (i) pass by value (ii) pass by address a. function with argument and with return value b. function with argument and without return value c. without argument , with return value d. without argument , without return value Note: Use pass by address.


Hai sir, I had planned to write the NIC scientific engineer exam , plz post the sample question......


write a c program to find the largest and 2nd largest numbers from the given n numbers without using arrays


write a program to find the given number is prime or not


Program will then find the largest of three numbers using nested if-else statements. User is prompted to enter three numbers. Program will find the largest number and display it on the screen. All three numbers entered by the user are also displayed. If user enters 21, 33, and 5, the output should be as follows: You entered: 21, 33 and 5. The largest number is 33.


i have to apply for rbi before that i need to know the the syllabus for the entrance questions. whethet it may be aps or techinical


what is associativity explain what is the precidence for * and & , * and ++ how the folloing declaration work 1) *&p; 2) *p++;


if the area was hit by a virus and so the decrease in the population because of death was x/3 and the migration from other places increased a population by 2x then annually it had so many ppl. find our the population in the starting.