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Let me knw the testcases for opening an account and for billing in shopping malls..?/?/?

Semantic Space,

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Where u will use output checkpoint in QTP?


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Company very low on ethics. Just want to make a quick buck.

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Hi! this is sujatha. How to involve a fi/co consultant in sap project life cycles?

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what is statistical and real? What is Statistical Key Figure?

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I want some support problems in fi/co module(AR,AP,controlling area)

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what is controlling area, cost center, cost element,internal order & profit center?what does it control?what is relationship between each other?

Infosys, Cap Gemini, Art Technology and Software, Atlas Engineering,

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what is difference between posting period and fiscal year variant?

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In fico interview what areas are covered?

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How should you call loadrunner scripts using testdirector


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I am going for an interview for back end and ui testing. Can smone tell me some important questions?


Hi 1 question please Here the issue of Tickets will start after the Testing Phase or anywhere in the Implementation Phase. Thanks

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what is the difference between sql server2000 and 2005


what is database deployment?


Hi All I want discuss abt Testing tools is any one available online in google chat?


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How to restore the default property value using CSS?


In the Web page we have a table link, if we click on that link all the contents under that link will be sorted (asscending/Descending). Now i want to check in which order the list is ? for that i need to get the data in to some var How can i get that cells data?


what elements constitute the organizational structure?


What is Thresholding?


How do you open a cluster administrator?


i have scheduled a report in a job in the cognos8.3 which would send the reports to the respective user ,now the repot ran and is sent to the respective user but it contains some unwanted data. So based on the senario can any one tell me that can we recall back the report ??????


What is rending process in ASP.NET?


Can a single text link point to two different web pages?


in the nunit test framework, which attribute must adorn a test class in order for it to be picked up by the nunit gui?


If i want to configure the partner determination for sales manager and general manager, if the sales manager is business partner in sales order he should only give 5% discount and general manager should can give 10% discount. how could i configure this ??


What is the advantage of using shortcuts?


What is an IDoc Extension?


What is replenishment in sap ewm?


How HDFS helps NameNode in scaling in Hadoop?


what is multiplexer?