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Semantic Space Interview Questions
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when we want to be a good tester what should we need to be good at...

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how will u know whether ur reported bug is accepted r rejected?

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what is the difference between defect age and build intervel period?

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what type of documents do u prepare during testing

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what is the difference between lifecycle model and v-model

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what r the key components in a test plan document?

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what is the difference between buglog and defect tracking?

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unix system is a)multi processing b)multi processing ,multiuser c)multi processing ,multiuser,multitasking d)multiuser,multitasking

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Among all the check points what is the most important checkpoint?

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What are the most frequent errors you faced while executing your scripts?

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What are the file extensions for per-action, shared object repository files and what is the extension for library files?

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how do u develop test harness?

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Write a query to get 2nd maximum salary in an employee table ?

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Semantic Space Writtentest Campus Placement Paper ,Group Discussion --- 5 Dec 2006

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1.what is use of touch commnad and chmod 2.Testing inter view there 45 questions. 5 for apititude 20 unix + networking 5 for testing question 10 c or c ++ or java 5 perl or shell scripting +or database 3.what do you know in unix? 4.what is netmask 5.what is stack 6.explain osi model 7.a=10; ++a=a++ Then what is value of a? 8.What is sdlc 9.what is stlc 10.What is ip address/Different classses of Ip address 11.write down test cases how to check computer is in nework or not? 12.what is difference between window 98 and windows 2000 13.How to find ip addess of your computer 14. when we will do risk analysis in test plan?

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Semantic Space Interview Questions
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