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how many checkpoint u have to used

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how do u call a from library file

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Hi , I am Basha. I am searching a job in dotnet.Plz tell me the order of page events in 2.0> plz send faq's related to,,sqlserver2000 etc. to my mail-id :


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Hi Everybody, I just have joined this Forum with a hope to get help from you all.Last Week I finished SAP CRM training and presently looking for jobs. Any help from you guyzs will be greatly appreciated. To start with if I can get INTERVIEW QUESTIONS & ANSWERS mailed to me at Thank You all.

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In a C# class we have a SortedList member m_addinProjects we want to provide an iterator to allow the consumer of this class access to the items in the collection. Please provide an iterator method for the AnalyzeAddinsDLL class below and an example of how it would be used. namespace AnalyzeAddinsDLL { public class AllAddInProjects { private SortedList m_addinProjects; public AllAddInProjects() { m_addinProjects = new SortedList(); } } }

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I need diffrences between Object Identification, Smart Identification, Regular expresion,Low-Level Recording (enables you to record on any object in your application, whether or not QuickTest recognizes the specific object or the specific operation.) I am working on Web Application. In that object caption will change dynamically. For example, consider “Save” button. On clicking save button the caption changing as “ EDIT ”. From above concept which concept I have to use here?

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what are the mandatory fields when you rise a bug


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tell me the V-model advantages & disadvantages


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if the bug is reproducible then what is the status that u have given to the developer

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1. Regression& Retesting 2. What is usability testing? 3. Functionality testing 4. On what basis you will write the test cases 5. do you written the test scripts also 6. where do you store the test cases 7. where do you execute the test cases. 8. Do you prepare the requirements.


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how can i express my feeling as a test engineer having 3 years of exp, how do u enjoyed the testing? urgent

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How insert recored in the database


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how save recoreed in the database


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how barcode create in the report


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how barcode print on the win form



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Why .Net Does not Support multiple inheritance?


how would u estimate the size of Lookup transform data and index cache?


how to create view in bdc..??


How to Typecaste a PChar to a longint?


1.What is bidirectional traceability ??? and how it is implemented? 2.What is Automation Test frame work ? 3. Define the components present in test strategy? 4. Define the components present in test plan? 5. Have u written Test plan ?…. thank u!plz reply........


What is Parser Bug?


Whether the default hello timer value is same across STP,RSTP and MSTP


sample code for data transfer between two r/2 systems and r/3 systems?


How to Read the autoincrement value of Paradox table ?


What does the item category specify in a purchasing order in SAP Materials Management?


Unable to connect to local DB


Describe to me what you see as a process. Not a particular process, just the basics of having a process.


What is 'Account Conditioning'?


what is run-time data?


What are the check points we need to consider while performing Database migration (ex: from oracle 8i to 9i)