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how find recored from the database


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how see report periviwe



how print barcode



how print PGL by XML

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hi iam keeping 2+ fake exp here is my project plz tell me wt kind of Q's can be posed on it. Blue room acts as the central repository for all project information – providing detailed view into the operations of entire services of the organization. Blue room provides access to different levels of users based on their role like CEO, client, project managers, project leader and team members. Each will have permissions to access different functionality of the tool. Blue room gives access to higher management like CEO, VP or Project managers to real-time data including project completion percentages, gross margin, remaining engagement time, budget vs. actual, and profitability analysis. Through this extensive visibility, services professionals gain a better understanding of the overall performance of their services organization and are able to make faster and more effective strategic business decisions. Upload and download your Project files into Blue room from anywhere, making the latest project plans available to all participants via the Internet. n 1 more project also: Cable Network Management System (CNMS) efficiently handles customer information, billing and also effectively monitors the services provided. CNMS mainly consists of two modules. Cable Network Information (CNI) and Customer Accounts (CA). CNI maintains customer's information, employee information, service areas and tariff. CA is completely an accounting package, which helps to handle all accounting transactions of the company. The CA module is an important module and it includes account type, login information, and payment methods etc. Each customer account is linked in the system with a specific services offered to a customer, and the customer will be billed depends on his usage of these services. Customer account belongs to specific account type, which is related to some price plans and discounts. The billing process involves receiving billing records from various networks, determining the billing tariff associated with the area, calculating the bill for each customer on monthly basis, aggregating these records periodically to generate customer bills, sending bills to the customer, and collecting payments received from the customer and adjust customers balances accordingly. Up to Date Balance sheet, Import and Export feature, Network Compatible and user friendly, Rescue data through Recovery system and Dynamic Report Generation are other important features. can any 1 plz tell wt kind of test cases will be asked on dis.

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there are 2 variables called x and y ,x contains 1,2 and y contains 3,4 we have to swap the values from x to y and y to x with out using dummy variables and it can be done only by using a single statement ? how?


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if you have the same application screen with 7 drop down boxes and approximately 70 values how do you test with QTP?

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when there is a task that gets repeated in multiple scripts what do you do in QTP?

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what is descriptive programming?

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what is the use of descripting programming?

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how to insert QTP to display errors and other description in the test results instead of halting execution by throwing error in the mid of executin due to an error (for object not found)?

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how to write scripts in QTP?

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what is the main process in QTP?

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how do you run scripts in QTP?please anyone can answer my questions

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how to add run-time parameter to a datasheet?

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