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Ordain Solutions Interview Questions
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what is Quality Assurance?

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How many types of testcases can be prepare.

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What is output value?

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Synchronization methods?

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contents of test stratergy?

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Can you give names of Container classes?


What are the abbreviations for tsr and mtr?

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If you want to output the results to the log file .. How to do?


what are diadvantages of Test director?.

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What is test stratergy?

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What if you delete a test from Test Lab will it updated in Requirements/Test Plan tabs also.

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What is the role of snap shot in Test Director?

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What is test set?

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what is exploratory Testing?

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What is User Acceptance testing?

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Un-Answered Questions

Why do users care about your product or service? - Venture Capitalists


In Stability testing if significant change occurs then what will be the action plan?


Where do you get Alarm prompt?


Does anyone know of any genetic defects on animals? I'm just curious why I've never seen an animal with gigantism, or dwarfism, or down syndrome. I'm sure they all dont die at birth. I'm really interested in some information on this. thanks


how to download mercury qtp9.2 ny internet ?


Explain the deployment process?


How to estabilish reinforcement Steel rolling margin for a building projects ?


which type of casting enforces type safety


May i know the difference between Direct capitalisation and AUC capitalisation in Fixed Assets


8. How much supervision have you typically received in your previous job?


Hai friends how to get sap fico consultant which type of questions are asking in interview means configuration steps or project means problem solving questions or steps and subject and present companies are take the telephone interview or face to face interview? how many rounds are having in interview based on 3 ,4 Exp and main iam M Com graduate(2009) how many years of exp putup in my resume why because somebody says u must putup exp how many years are right Pls give me reply


How to write business scripts using object repository with different scenarios


can anybody explain me about sales project in cognos..wt is the requirement,how u get the requirement..explain me any one based on ur experience as a report much time u will take to complete one project,single person in a team have to do how many a real time how much time will take to complete reports single report.. (simple and complex report)and in real time ur project contains how many fact tables and dimension many query subjects and query items..wt functional area u worked on.. hope u vl respond as soon as possible mail- id is


With in the form we want to check all the text box control are typed or not? How?


How TCP/IP Handles Flow Control?


Ordain Solutions Interview Questions
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