write case for petrol pump?

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write case for petrol pump?..

Answer / mallikarjun

verify whether the meter is at zero,
verify whether the meter is working correctly or not
according to the settings,
verify whether the petrol or diesel pumped correctly or not,
verify money meter whether it is working correctly or not,


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write case for petrol pump?..

Answer / aditya

These are the best cases for a petrol pump

1. a case for a litre of petrol and diesel
2. a case for the count on meter
3. a case for the amount of fuel pumped and the money
4. resetting to zero

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write case for petrol pump?..

Answer / megha

*check if petrol is there
*if not some signal/message
*if yes, display the amount of petrol present
*check if amount/quantity meter are set to zero
1) Cost given by user
*set amount and quantity should be zero
*calculate quantity required and check if it is >= amnt
present there
*check quantity calculated as per the amount
2) Quantity given by user
*set quantity and cost shoud be zero
*check if quantity required >= amnt present there
*check cost calculated as per the quantity
*flow shud automatically stop as soon as petrol of required
amount/quantity is filled
*check for manual flow stop
*check if reset button sets both the cost/quantity to zero

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write case for petrol pump?..

Answer / sharan

Negative TC
1. lift the pipe and press the button to pour pertrol
without setting the amt in the meter

Customer satisiifcation
2.When there is no pertol in the bunk it should show some
alret signal

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write case for petrol pump?..

Answer / sasikumar

*check whether the petrol is available or not
1)check the petrol reading it should be zero
2)check the quantity and cost be zero
3)check the reset button working properly or not
4)verify the amount display on the screen

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write case for petrol pump?..

Answer / diya

corner case :
1)Verify amount entered is bigger and patrol is not enough
it should give some alert
2)Stop button pressed in between processing for petrol is
going on.
3)reset and amount button pressed during processing is going on

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write case for petrol pump?..

Answer / kanda

i)Test To Check Fuel Quantity and Fuel Cost Reset To Zero
at Initial
ii)Test To check whether it calculates the Cost as Per
iii)Test To Check whether it gives the Intended Quantity
which we set
iv)Test To check whether the User Can Stop the Flow of Fuel
v)Check whether its calculating the Sum the Quantity of
Fuel Outputed on every day

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write case for petrol pump?..

Answer / sravanthi

check whether pipe is working properly
check whether petrol,disel,are there, still some
requirements will b there but as im fresher im unable to
write/imagine testcases perfectly

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write case for petrol pump?..

Answer / sunithayagnamurthy

* 1.First we have to verify this is petrolpump or diesel

2.If it is petrol pump verify the petrol is thr or not
3.If petrol is thr not it must show the some signal
4.after check the meter it should be at zero level or not
5.then meter is correctly working or not
6.check the quantity and meter is zeri
7.check the reset button is working correctly or not
8.verify the amount display on the screen

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