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iGate SAP Basis Interview Questions
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how to do system refresh?not the client copy but the-standard-system-refresh.


what are the pre-requisites for java stack upgradation in bulk?and which EP components you have to upgrade first?

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a user says he couldn't login.his account isn't locked,not expired,no network issues.what will you do?

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how do you register developers?

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as a basis consultant,what all tasks you've done on unix?

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describe the procedure for java stack upgradation.

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in oracle how to find whether archive mode is enabled or not?

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how to uninstall a snote?

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an user schedules a background job.If you monitor in sm37 that job is shown as being run by a different do you find out the actual user who is responsible for it?

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when performing client copies what steps you need to take from CUA point of view?

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what are the current support stack levels at market place?


what are the semaphore numbers you faced in sm50?what did you do?

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what is the procedure for java stack upgradation?


what is the name of the xml file that you place along with support stack at the time of java stack upgradation?

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what are the jspm related logs that you see at os level at the time of java stack upgradation?

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iGate SAP Basis Interview Questions

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