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iGate Informatica Interview Questions
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how many tasks are there in informatica ?

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what is the diff b/w target load plan and cbl?

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Please let me know how we can implement the below scenario. In a single mapping,more than 500 sources (legacy,VSAM,relational) will be loading into only one target. Whenever I retreive the data(any record) from target, i need to find the details that the record belongs to which source. Thanks in advance..

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Please let me know how to do estimation before staring development in project. Here estimation in the sense how many associates are required, etc to complete the project.

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How we can get unique records into one target table and duplicate records into another target table??

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How can i explain my project architecture in interview..? in Igate asked me tell me your project flow from source to target..?

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i want to load data in to two is dimension table and the other is fact table?how can i load ata a time

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Can i create a lookup table without cache.

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if i hv 6 table as source table but can i make 12 as a dim table and 6 as fact table belongs to that src table.


whats the option in informatica 7 version is outdated in informatica 8 version onwards.

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can u explain me banking domain projects ? and in banking domain projects how many dimension tables and how many fact tables and how to load source and targets in mapping level plese expain give me one example?

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write a query for how to eliminate the duplicate rows without using distinct?

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how to get the first row without using rank t/r?

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what is the command to get the list of files in a directory in unix?

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My source table having some records ,i want load 1st record and last record into one target?

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iGate Informatica Interview Questions

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