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iGate JCL Interview Questions
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Hi Guyz, My requirement is to empty out a PS file but not to delete. How would I do that. Is there any Utility. If any other way, plz answer. Thanks.

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how do you resolve for soc7 error

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I have a JCL with 10 steps, want to execute first 5 steps only, what are ways of doing it?is it possible to control through JOB card?

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I have a JCL with 10 steps, want to execute first 5 steps only, what are ways of doing it?is it possible to control through JOB card?

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How to see the COMP3 value(packd decimal)

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I have a dataset with record length 40 in production, due to some requirements it was changed to 80. Then how can we know the jobs which are effected by this change and how can we resolve it.

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what is the difference between return code and maxcc?

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What is the exact difference between PRTY and DPRTY

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iGate JCL Interview Questions

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