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iGate Cognos Interview Questions
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hi Here ive question on Reportnet when we save a report in reportstudio with what ext it save

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in reportnet how u burst the reports for every 5th day, 10 th day, 15 th day, 20 th day

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what are the applications of the tabular model ????

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how you create security to cubes ?????

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how u create security to reports ????

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fiscal year means what???

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Can any one help me by ansewring this question:-What are the errors encountered while executing your reports?(Depending on your own experiences) Thanks in advance.

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what is Galaxy schema??

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How you will do the estimation for a task?

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How can you schedule a report based on different time zone ?(ex: local time should be same as 10 am . Japan should get the report at 10 am. USA should get the report at 10 am).Is that possible?

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iGate Cognos Interview Questions

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