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iGate SAP Basis Interview Questions
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what are the sap table space names that you see in db02?

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how do you solve oracle archive struck?

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sm21 shows the system log for the application server you're currently logged on.I want to see the system logs of all appliction servers.what to do?

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a transport is imported into QAS in 2 minutes time.the same transport when imported into prd is taking more than 20minutes.why?and what to do?

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what do you monitor in st04?

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how to find if there are an expensive sql statements running.if yes,what to do?

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some parameters need to be set whiconnecting EP to R/3 system.what are they?

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after changing some parameters in rz10 and restart,the system doesn't start up?what to do?

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how to change the owner of a file in unix

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I am doing a client copy with sap_user profile in a cua environment.but the cua doesn't let the user master data be over written in the target client.what to do?

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how can u connect sap and non sap systems?

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What is the Max No of Dialog Process can you assign using RZ04 ? What are the max No dialog process you can assign my changing the profile

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How to check CPU usage in EP? If java path is down the how to do trouble shoot? What is the transport group? What is the SLD system in PI? How to take back up in EP? How to create logical system? Is it possible to change the name logical system in SSC4? How you will take the online Backup and incremental Backup? What is the backup strategy? How many application servers you have in Production System? Difference between oracle 9i and oracle 10g? What is EHP4? What is your enhancement package and support package? how to find RAM size on Unix? How to find OS level at command Prompt? While doing kernel upgrade what is exe files? What is client comparison? How to apply job on Os level? What are the recent challenges faced? How to apply support package in solution manager? Difference between SPDD/SPAU If SAP* is not working ? If job is slow? how you will trouble shoot? What are software files required for SAP 4.7?


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iGate SAP Basis Interview Questions

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