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iGate Business Objects Interview Questions
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@prompt('message',['type'],[lov],[mono/multi], [free/constraint]) what is Constraint?

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when will use compatible and incompatible objects?

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How to change English language to Chinese in BO Desiner (Universe)?

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What is the user Object ? What is the need of it?

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how can u find the granularity in fact table

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how to restrict up to three levels in hierarchy when u do drill mode?

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1) How to get multi values in a single prompt? 2) How to get ALL in @prompt? 3) Select 1 from fact table? What will be the result? 4) I have created 1 universe say A and generated 100 reports on the universe? Later i had renamed the Universe as A1 and added some objects? Now how i will get the newly added objects in old reports?

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iGate Business Objects Interview Questions

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