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iGate Interview Questions
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Could any one tell me the steps of conversions and what kind of validations and exceptions do we use during this conversion? Please do answer in detail. what program do we write in user exit in reports?

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UPDATE statement can on a single table or on the multiple table?

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test cases for traffic signals in a four raod junction.

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void main() { for(int i=0;i<5;i++); printf("%d",i); } What is the output?..

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why String class is immutable.

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How to call the dll at runtime in .Net?

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Can i create a lookup table without cache.

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if i hv 6 table as source table but can i make 12 as a dim table and 6 as fact table belongs to that src table.


whats the option in informatica 7 version is outdated in informatica 8 version onwards.

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fundamental rules of accounting ?

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how to connect oracle databse in excel.pls provide me steps.


look into my data in sheet1- A-1,2,3,4,5,6 sheet2-2,4,7,8,9 compare the data get result like sheet2: 2-yes(present in sheet1) 4(present in sheet1) 7(not present in sheet2) 8(not present in sheet2) 9(not present in sheet2)


Difference between Drill Down and Interactive Reports, Events triggered in both reports

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public class Test { public static void main(String ar[]) { Integer a = 10; Integer b =10; Integer c = 145; Integer d = 145; System.out.println(a==b); System.out.println(c==d); } }

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iGate Interview Questions

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