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iGate SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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soory the question was what is multi dimentional prising ?

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what is multidimentional pricing.

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what is the use of varient table?

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What is the most difficult Ticket you faced in Support Project till date? In many interviews I have been asked this question. How to answer/ handle this question? They are asking/ insisting for most difficult & typical tickets and asking about my analysis and how I resolved that ticket? If you have any difficult tickets which can be easily explainable in an interview then provide me 2-3 Typical & Difficult tickets relevant to SD Module. This is a crucial question in any interview as it is deciding the fate of the candidate success or failure in any interview. If we are telling some simple tickets they are asking for most difficult ones and they are not satisfied with such easy tickets. So, I request you to provide me with 2-4 crucial & most difficult tickets so that I can answer well this question the next time I face Interview-------Thankx

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What is Revenue Recognition? It's relevance with SAP SD module along with it's detailed configuration procedure & steps?

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In DownPayment Request processing suppose let us take a scenario where in customer has to pay 1 lacs rupees . He already paid some 30,000 rupees. In such a case how do you know to which G/L account this partial amount is posted to?/ How we will come to know that which G/L account has been determined for this Total amount as well for Partial amount in DownPayment Procedure in SAP SD.Please provide detailed answer.

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Is there any link/ Connection/ Integration between Stock Transport Order & Third Party process? Provide detailed answer. Thanks in advance.

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How is shipment cost calculated? Give detailed explantion with Configuration Procedure , Steps, T-codes etc Regards

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What do you mean by Multidimensional Pricing? Also what do you mean by Two dimensional Pricing? Explain in detail with help of Business Scenarios & live examples.

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what is document flow? and in which table document flow data wil be store? its a recently asked question from wipro technologies. so pls guide me in detail

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What are the different billing process u have done in your project.

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What are the different business scenario you have done in your project.

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I have two different condition type pr01 and pr00.For pr01 I gave 50 rs and pr00 I gave 100 rs and discount. How u maintain these condtion type and how system will take the price between these two condition types.

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While doing back order process can we block the sales order if material was not there. what is the procedure.

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iGate SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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