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iGate QTP Interview Questions
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what is qtp automation frame work,what is the use of that frame work?

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If there r 1000 test scripts that were written. If a change to any functionality is to be made then how can we know in which script is this functionality existing.

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In a shared Object Repository in QTP if some object is changed how can the other script which is using the same object can be known

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What is difference between function and procedure?

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if interviewer asked about the framework used for automation how we will handle the question..means what should be the answer..plz help..which framework u r used in our company?

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How can i count "spaces" in any sentence or a string if suppose " It is a Testing question" Here we have 4 gaps(spaces) Is there any function to find out spaces between words

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what is the purpose of SetTOProperty Method?

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plz tel me what is the differnce between QC & QTP?

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How to execute a VBS file without using Execute File statement?

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Diff b/n image n bitmap checkpoints?

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iGate QTP Interview Questions

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