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iGate Manual Testing Interview Questions
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May i know high priority&low seviarity,high seviarity&low priority

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difference beween re testing and regression testing?

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What is two tier and three tier architecture?

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wirte the test cases for triangle

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What are the difference between Water fall model and V- Model? Which one is better? Why 80% of Software companies using Water fall model nowadays?

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send test cases for system testing and what these test cases actually contain?

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what is the diff between BVA & ECP and also advantages about thease techniques..& i want some proper examples... from sekhar yadav sunkara

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difference between web based application and window based application

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would we do functional testing inside integration testing

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what is verification, validation

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what is inspection,walkthrough and review


what is test plan and test procedure

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what are stakeholders

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1)what is the basic diff. between unit testing and component testing 2)how do you implement framework in ur project through automation

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wht is the use of check list?

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iGate Manual Testing Interview Questions

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