Business Management Interview Questions
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Cisco ASA 5506 Security Plus License L-ASA5506-SEC-PL=


purpose of assigning Field Status Variant to Company code??


Why general ledger accounts require "post automatically" setting in SAP??


differentiate between quotation analysis and quotation enquiry


what is the key role of a new regional manager in a pharmaceuticals company?

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How a new regional manager devolop his new assigned territory & how he manage his people?

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What is the key role of a new regional manager in a pharmaceuticals company and how he will manage his people effectively?

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How a new regional manager will manage and develop his new assigned territory?

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I am going to apply for F1 visa interview in month of decmeber. I have two queries...i am applying on student visa aftr 8yrs of my study. in that 8 yrs i was working with MNC companies. will it affects for getting F1 visa? and the second question is i gave ielts but score expired in month of november. will it affects for the same?

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What is the role of resource manager in the organization?

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which goods comes under Form JJ & what is the meaning Form JJ If medical goods comes under this catagory?


Define the roles and responsibilities of a TSO with emphasis on the below tasks: Driving Secondary and Primary Sales


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Will it be great to invest on hotel carpets for the hotel interior?


Will it be an impressive decision to install a hotel carpet from the Nourison Hospitality?


if we are service provider or vendor for any company and if a customer is very angry about any complaints from our side and not in mood to listen anything , so how to handle such situation as a customer sales executive or as a manager



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* i completed gratuation BBA but i passed 50% marks and i will give bank exam its valiad for bank


SAP SD. What are the Condition Conversion and Customer/Material conversion in the Organization Structure and should define and assign? Please nevigate and explain with example.


hi friends I want to know the details of Group 1 or Group II Exams, from where i will get the applicaions, study material, exams date. wat is the date of subscription for the applications? wat should be the Qualification for these entrance test. I Would be gladfull if any one can suggest me with the answers. Thank you!


what is difference between normalization and denormalization. in normalization all tables are normalizad format or not. what r the types of indexes are there. what is difference b/w bitmap,b-tree,unique and function based indexes.


you have 8 yrs exp y ur not applyed big possition


The present state of reession in it industry as a human resoures managers how are you going to under take human resoures planing at maecro leval to ove this crisis


how to explain an excellent self introduction or about u r self?


wht kind of r mostly asked in bank po interview and tell me and how the merit list is prepared in such a exam




What motivates you the most?


What do you mean by achievement?


Is it compulsory and binding that the H forms are available only for Exports. Is H Form is available for Deemed Export Category. Supplies under a Service Provider Category. Executing a Project under ICB Category.


How do you check the reliability of a measure that is being used for a multi - item scale


One of the difficulties our company has is evaluating suggestions in a timely manner. What changes would you make to expedite evaluations?


hai friends .i applied for icici po callfor in july2010.i have been sortlisted for icici bank po and they fix the appoinment on july i don't know whether it is an interview or test or gd.can any body attend it already .please tell about it and how to email id is