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Please brief me reation between timing belt & gear ratio. wipro   1  551
How to calculate the FUSE rating?    2  4492
Whet is KCFT and difference between CFM and KCFT    0  439
Whet is IGBT.How it teste    2  1943
if we put a energy meter in 500 kvar capacitor bank ,then how much units show in energy meter per day.    2  2264
What is the maximum distance between the stirrups?    11  10960
Briefly explain how to get..? maximum resistance can be obtained by using 2 resistors.    4  2159
what is the equation of insulating resistance of motor??? birla   1  1547
Electricity sometimes can be dangers , sometime got shoked form it . It is because of volatge or Current kirloskar   6  3510
What is Response time of a thermocouple and a PT 100    0  594
what is difference between co-generation and captive power plant? tata   3  10483
What is the formula to calculate the KVAR value of a capacitor, while value of capcitor in farads is known.    1  3632
Why power factor should not be in leading (capacitive) mode of any load.    3  3041
what is stay bow?    2  1493
why current coil has less number of turns compared to pressure coil? airtel   7  11147
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is a static variable...wht is the size when u give sizeof(struct) 553
why swinburnes test cannot be performed on series machines?explain 436
what is the difference b/w pvc cu conductor and cu breaded wire..? 1199
how can we find thae value of capacitor for single phase motor. what is difference between starting capacitor and running capacitor. 849
when we decide to use soft starter drive or vfd drive in mcc to operate apump? 439
What parameters to be reported when we send lubricating oil for shore analysis? 475
I'm currently placed in Lahore Pakistan. where can i do Microsoft certification. let me know the best place to do.? 427
what are procedure of sox-nox calibration 823
alignment formulae for any two shafts for shim correction 565
can anybody sent me power grid questions. what subject should i prefer for preparation? 461
Why do we have earthing cable in branch cable and shield in the same cable? 989
what are the advantages of Horizontal isolation breakers v/s vertical isolation breakers in medium voltage switchgear class. 564
What is the types of HT motor testing 1764
why does a dc machine has high efficiency while working as a generator than as a motor .. 368
hello can yoy pls send me previous papers of jindalpower and steel ltd.....'m from instrumentation..... 462
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