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what will be fault level of 11 KV , 2000 A ELECTRICAL SYSTEM?    4  2296
Hello sir This is prakash from bangalore i have a doubt why we have to maintain DG power factor in the range 0.78 to 0.8 Perhaps i f it is increased means what will happen in DG    3  1632
What is the difference between stress and pressure    3  2247
Bearing capacity of soil determined as per ASTM is to design the foundation size.what is the importance of EV1/EV2 value as per DIN .My consultant ask me to test the the soil as per din to find out this ratio to assess the compacted strength of soil ,,?? is it meaning full ??    0  555
What is a PID?    6  3148
How do you find the weight of rod per metre lenth ? cccl   18  6844
Why the core in the distribution transformer is in even number    1  751
which gas is cost wise high?    1  782
why the electrical insulators suspention breakdowen    2  1080
what are the differences between one dimensional ram and two dimensional ram?    0  916
Technical requirement of Copper earthing over GI earthing.    1  2944
What are the differences between 1 dimensional RAM and 2 dimensional RAM?    0  323
hey frnds..i have taken an emergency interview date of 21st july and my school is starting from 8th sept...i was continuously checking the date from 10 days but was not able to get a normal can i get a rejection on this, that i have taken an emergency date.??????    0  307
hey,,,hi have taken an emergency date of 21st july...i was continuously checking for dates n i was not able to get a normal date n my school is starting from 8th of plz tell me can i get a rejection based on this, that i have taken an emergency date?????    0  278
We have got the HT connection of 1000 KVA in which we have installed a seprate APFC panel at the PCC end & seprate KWH meter is installed. My question is that does the KWH reading shown in the meter is a part of the Consumption ???? ( approx 500 units is shown)    0  251
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I will complete chemical engg next yr from a deemed university. Earlier I dropped 2 yrs after std 12th. Then I got 2 yr back while completing engg, due to reasons beyond my control. Will I face any problem while applying for job. More so not many core companies come to our collg for placement. So i want to know which all companies can I apply to get a job? 496
send me last 5 years questions asked in rrb chennai, for section engineer 446
Difference be betwin Fe-500 as per IS 226-1975 & IS 2062-2006 925
how to test the turn ratio of 3 phase transformer using volt meter shoe the curcit diagram. 590
11. BCSU card in BSC can support how many TRXs? 12. What is the command to check list of sites that are down? 8444
What is ISDN ? 341
What is the difference between rated and per unit in transformer? 418
What is eddy current? Describe the operating principle of proximity probe. 556
how many digree of freedom in four bar chain 410
plz send me some apts question paper for aricent. thanks in advance 324
In parallel operation time both NGR’s close or not close if both close what will happen 1707
Can any One Help me to Know about Fire hydrant and its related water Pressures 484
how is positive, negative, zero sequence is happen.. how is effect on 3 phase system 166
what is the purpose of slope in the differential relay?why we are using two slope?but in busbar differential we are using only one slope.why? 822
What is Cycling Frequency Hopping? 548
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