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How calculate the physical stock of material such as Fine/Coarse aggregate,sand & stone dust laying at site?

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what is the channel capacity of a band-limited gaussian channel? is it is blog2(1+s/n) or not? if not what?


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To test Transformer we give HT side 440V to see wheather that it is producing 17.6V on LT to verify Voltage ratio is correct or not but when we give the 440V voltage to LT side then what will happen to HT voltage ?

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How find out Rolling margin of steel dia.wise?

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How calculate Load Bearing Capacity of Soil?

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Who name us Engineer & Why?






suppose it takes 100 ns to access page table and 20 ns to access associative memory. if the average access time is 28 nano seconds the corressponding hit rate is: a) 100% b) 90 % c) 80 % d) 70%


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how to check electrical health of vibration probe?

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what are the experience faced during maintenance of aircrfats P68c,cessna caravan,king air and Bell407

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what is isolation Transformer???...


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How to calculate load taken by a cable?

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how to calculate current and voltage in a same circuit?


in 33KV or 66KV system which connection is aviable on high voltage transformer primary delta or star ?

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hello everyone, one thing thats giving me a headache..hope u guys will help me out.i recently gave my gre and got extremely low marks. my gre score is 980 , enginnering aggregate is 58% , diploma aggregate is 73% , 10th score is d big question is , is der any possibility of getting admission in any average US university ? am in a turmoil, Please help me out.Thanks in advance

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Un-Answered Questions { Engineering }

how can i replace annular plats in tanks


what is the voltage between earth & neutral in 3 phase electrical connection.


What is the general power consumption rating of CPU CRT type and Flat type, Monitor,Printer, projector, Scanner?


I have a slab of 20cm thickness of 20m by 4m in wich we are installing 15 tons electric panels , and we have put 4 H-shaped columns under the slab but we have done many cores in the slab which seems very normal , can you help me by telling me how to calculate the bearing capacity of the slab or give me an idea if i should increase more columns Note: load distribution area 12*1.5 m2


how can i apilly for electrical c licencese.sir,i completed B.Tech in electrical & electronics engineering in 201onot working any company


how to calculate the steel in 500yard


What is the difference between indoor and outdoor transformer


How many types are using in 220kv/400 kv swith yard


hi all iam going to give AAI tech exam i did my BE in electronics and communication if any one have any sample papers and SYLLABUS for it please plzzzzzzzzzzzzz for my career mail me at


What is servo motor? what is its purpose?


what is the function of impulse relay


hi every body..i have applied for RRB section engineers CIVIL.i wanna prepare for that,so can any one suggest me some books and where can i get the syllabus for this..i would be vry greatful if any one can help in this regard


When two UPS are connected in parallel, can you have a bypass raw power supply connected across? Please explain


How to find the weight of steel in feet? e.g: dia of steel is (6"') sut. We know that (1" inch 8 sut).


what energized you to complete your course?