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at present how many EHVAC lines are there in India? l&t   8  4826
why motor rating in kw?    3  2073
What is m & 20.& what is fe&415. dlf   9  4965
what is meant by dielectric breakdown ? where we using HV test kit & what purpose? itc-infotech   3  4359
why field winding in synchronous machine connecting in star position?    0  454
What Is RF?    3  2727
difference between moore and mealy model ibm   2  5764
which one is the most common system for secondary ditibution    1  1053
What will happen if the rotor of an induction motor is fed from a 3 phase supply and the stator short circuited ?    4  12300
How much allowable difference current between on three phases Dear sir, We have a 1870 KW HT motor, 11 Kv supply,FLA-120A,2870 rpm,2-pole squirrel cage induction Motor.And stator is connected in star connection with Liquid resistance stater to limit the starting current.It has coupled with Centrifugal air compressor.My question is it is loading 73% of FLA taking R-phase 86.7 A, Y-phase-85.4A,B-phase- 78.3A.why the B phase current is that much of difference.Is it allowable, or any one tell me how much allowable current.If any method to calculate.    1  2076
size of condotory fron voltage level    0  477
We all know about DC concept,i.e +ve connected to +ve ,-ve connected to -ve. If landline phones lines are dc lines,then how it works even if the polarties are interchanged?? infosys   1  1459
what are the protection relays for trasformer    3  2597
why stator winding of synchronous machine are connected in star connection ?    1  7869
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What is your acheivements 404
How to calculate brick work quantity?? Block work quantity?? 250
Power factor =1.000 at factory in supply. However, PF = 0.8 at motor end. Current = 100 Amp, Voltage = 400 V. What is the power distribution loss? Can I reduce it by adding capacitor at the load feeder? 439
what will happen if the prime mover on the field excitation of the on-coming generator fails?Explain. 2359
what are the advantages and disadvantages of extended vlan (range 1006-4094)? 679
How to choose primany and secondary side MCB 565
I need to interview someone working in the Bio Engineering field for a school project, can someone please take the time to help! Thank you Why did you decide to become a biomedical engineer? What college did you go to? What type of classes did you take? Where do you work? What do you do? How much money do you earn? Was it hard to get all the way to where you are now? What is a typical day for a biomedical engineer? 2202
Explain i.d.e. for visual c++? 457
Define the terms Accuracy, precission, Spam, process tolerance while doing calibration of an instrument? Explaini with an example? 390
advantage of motor design on higher power factor . normally motors are designed for .8 power factor. what is advantage of designing at .88 power factor 234
What current position are you holding in your current company? 267
1- What is the Polarization Index number be good for 15KV 3c#500MCM electrical cable? 2- Can I use the IEEE Std 43-2000 to perfom the PI test? Thanks 1429
explain the omportance of "squish" and "swirl" in ci engine 1302
I want the details about BHEL company examination.Can anyone able to help me please. 431
I want to prepare for PSU's bt i dont know how many PSU's are open for computer science students and what is the competition level for these. So if anybody knows this please guide me through this. 1015
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