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What is word alignment?    0  386
Hi, Please tell me the ISI specification for the duration of concrete to achieve full strength of concrete. Is it 28days? upsc   5  3665
what is a query for divide a table into two subtable?    0  352
generator(Deutz 550kv)is runing for 2 hours with load of 900 amp and then it goes in shutdown with alarm fault messege of speed fault although heirtz reading fixed at 50,what does that mean    1  1202
why we can't use more then 50 hz in india ? Is it possible ? dvc   7  3781
how to know power plant process with corresbonding laws&thoeries bhel   1  2295
how to calibrate control valves & power cylinders & ultra sonic level transmitters abb   0  383
why we r recommended for pre-action sprinklers @ generator/tx/mv panel room. If any leakage there,that panel will damage. So what is the Logic for pre-action sprinklers there?    0  350
Why armour HT XLPE power cable required to Earth?    1  2159
What is Delta Connection? What is meant by Forward Delta & Reverse Delta & How Will be the Connection in Power Transformers?    0  356
what is the voltage and ampere rating of all range of HT conductor?    1  1938
In some countries it is found that an Earthing Transformer is connected at the LV sides of the Transmission and Distribution Substation Transformers.Actually what is the purpose the Earthing Transformer?    1  1210
logical reasoning    0  692
time and work questions    0  319
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Un-Answered Questions
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Why magnetic flux produces an induced current?? what is the detailed procedure ?? ans plz 1022
why we connect digital multimeter in series for dc current measurement and parallel for dc voltage measurement. 4059
Can anyone plzzz tel me how can we generate sinusoidal waveform using 8085 chip??????? plzz reply with corresponding assembly language program........or simply the accurate logic..... 385
If i have two 3000 kW motors and the whole facility requires a 10 MVA transformer. What would be better installing two 5 MVA transformers(one for 1 motor ) or just a single 10 MVA transformer for both of them. Give reasons for your answer. 1635
hey, i am confused with ece n cse..both attract me the same..just that wich one has higher placements n pay pakages n which one has higher scope after doing mba??..reply urgently.. 291
pl. send me jr.engg.model question for rrb malda. 513
what happen when diesel genset supply connect to main supply 849
What is the previous name of Cox's Bazar 295
purpose of primary and secondary air? causes of smoke? 543
What Is HO factor in power selection 364
Why have to use copper cable for local isolator to motor ? 348
What is ISDN ? 347
If the vibration probe near to the shaft,then output voltage will be decreased r increased?How? 315
What is feed factor and its Importance in cement industry? How we can solve feed factor?. 1480
Is the hvac machines are designed 10% less than the electrical feeder value? 171
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