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What is the main difference between the terms instrumentation and Automation?    5  2180
for 11KV OH system what will be typical per KM "R" "L" "C" parameter. for 33KV OH system what will be typical per KM "R" "L" "C" parameter. for 33KV UG system what will be typical per KM "R" "L" "C" parameter. wbsedcl   0  206
typical per KM resistance values of ACSR DOG conductor for 33KV & 11KV OH system? typical per KM resistance values of XLPE 300Sq mm cable for 33KV system? typical per KM resistance values of XLPE 185Sq mm cable for 11KV system? wbsedcl   2  3193
What is an antisurge control system, how it works?    3  3317
how will i find leakage in underground?    2  1111
whatis the banafit of water leak detection and repair?    2  650
IT-Executive interview in J&K bank. jammu-and-kashmir-bank   1  673
water leak detection system question & answer    0  248
How to Calculate Contracted Maximum demand using motor Hp or Current    3  2674
i am having information technology branh ....... can i prepare for psu exam    0  205
When measuring the Insulation resistance of a motor winding (winding to earth) using a megger meter, Applied voltage(1000V) was automatically reduced to 500V. and the measured insulation resistance values are also very low (in Kohm range) Can anyone give me a reason???    3  1144
how we can calibrate an Interface level transmitter online l&t   2  2610
with the help of drive can we run the 50hz motor on 100hz,what will be its effect. bpl   3  1313
for high freq ac,why we first convert AC to DC and then DC to high freq.AC    0  177
how we can set the IDMT relay.    0  292
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Un-Answered Questions
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How to determine stage of Automatic Power factor controlling Relay(Apfcr)? 130
What is the use of Surge Capacitor in LAVT? 1005
In ht capacitor ckt we are using LBS Panel it having isolator with fuse, one of HT fuse flash over, so what is reason behind this event. 166
What are the materials available to prepare individually for competetive exams in Instrumentation field? Plz reply... 206
what types of fault occurred in transmission line ? which protection function senses the fault? 111
How you calculate the repturing capacity of a HRC fuse 289
"In refrigeration, why during operations is running low pressure at the suction side?" 760
hi plz send me reliance placement papers..i.e electrical technical papers that have been asked in reliance test. 664
Three phase star connected PT transformer primary side one phase fuse is blown what will be the output in secondary side(Secondary side also three phase star connected) 119
our kks tagging is crossing more than 12 character please suggest how to take tags in the DCS 220
processor of my PC is pentium dual core.. i want to know the configuration of my PC... pls send answer as soon as possible. 143
what is metal of piston ring 190
Draw the block diagram of a 128 line EPABX and explain its operation? 815
In DC generator, we use commutator, having no. of segments. Then how it is possible to get a half wave of voltage and current for half rotation of armature? 324
how to initialize a pointer to an array? 177
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