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SR flip flop is basically which type of multivibrator? bhel   3  4415
what is the best electrical system i.e substation sytem of 11kv/.433kv for a township. if township have 300nos substation of 11kv. we have to go G.O.D.O. fuse unit or Compact Substation Unit. please reply Asap.    2  1980
Why does the phase voltage of two healthy phases become equal to the line voltage in case of an ungrounded neutral 3 phase star connected sytem when a single line to ground fault occurs ?    2  2201
How to Calculate the current drain in the battery (1.4V) for the 2mins time period?    7  2692
why we prefer expressing the gain of an amplifier on a logarithmic scale rather than linear scale? tata   2  2985
A 12v regulated dc power supply has a voltage regulation of 0.5% find amagnitude of variation? tcs   1  3073
what is ripple rejection? tcs   1  2346
why the cb amplifier ckt is considered to be most stable? tata   1  1867
what is the h-parameter? tata   3  3052
what is transistor biasing?why it is necessary? tata   10  28060
Can the value of stability factor be less than unity? tata   2  2627
what is stability factor? tata   1  4138
Give condition for conduction of UJT? tata   1  1919
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Un-Answered Questions
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What are the Safety Steps While Inspection the LT Panel.   1019
how to do sudoko puzaals? 528
Is single load(eg: three phase motor) having all the components like positive,negative,zero sequence components during fault condition? 272
Can any one provide the inspection procedure of MIMIC for VFD panel? Details: If someone wants to have a mimic in the VFD panel what are inputs considered for the mimic(like on,off,trip) whether we are able to add speed variation in the mimic(if so how can we get) and what are the parameters to be checked in the MIMIC during inspection? 480
Can you explain about pole discrepancy scheme 148
volts=230 c=10mf a=?? 366
How to calculate shuttering plate weight 109
i am preparing for BARC ,so plz mail me how to prepare for BARC. ALSO IF POSIBLE SOME RELATED QUESTIONS. MY MAIL ID IS 1473
what is the use of the puls transformer in UPS & how it works??????????? 497
How to check slab shuttering level.? Or check list for slab ? 120
my first question in huawei was ....1)Tell me about your self 2) oops concept 3)logic gates 4)ram and rom ,what is cache memory nd where it is located 5)diffrence between file system and data base 6) procedure of operating system 7)what is c# 8)high level language and machine language 9) and from mobile networkin !!!! hope thz will help you 519
Hi I want to know how API gravity has been come up with in Oil Industry, especially figures in the following formula: API=(141.5/SG)-131.5 451
How do you calculate qty for form work like props shuttering sheet and acro span for residential block ? for Example: 10 sq mt what is the material and qty require to do form work. 3567
WT is technical detail and Function or working of these cards 1. POWER CARDS 2. BB2F 3. Trx 4. BOIA CARD 5. ALARM EXTENSION SYSTEM 6. RRI CARD 7. COMBINER 8. DUPLEXER 609
can anyone help me with an article or a few pointers on what are the industry expectations from Fresh engineers in today's market scenario 395
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