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How does HT work & Voltage required? adhunik   0  209
In what voltage EHT works(133/132/33/66kv? adhunik   3  662
What is EHT(Abrebiation,Function,Voltage Regulation & how it works? adhunik   2  903
what is the principal of transformer?    2  1163
we have provided 30 nos. relay contacts in panel.I want to know how do we do the numbering for the relay contacts as per any applicable standards    0  178
what is the d/f b/w dol & star delta starter.    2  672
how air lock will be removed from generators, how it happens?    1  631
Write the relation between EER , COP , SEER in airconditioning? mgl   1  2499
how to convert psi into kilo pascal? what is the suction pressure & discharge pressure of chiller?    1  526
We have two parts in generator, electrical & mechanical. how it works?    0  141
present we are having 0.8pf but I want increase it up to 0.99 so what is the formula for it and how can i calculate? abb   3  721
how to calculate the cable size depending on the amps?    0  186
what is the working principle of UPS?    2  1050
1- What is the Polarization Index number be good for 15KV 3c#500MCM electrical cable? 2- Can I use the IEEE Std 43-2000 to perfom the PI test? Thanks    0  484
A resistance, inductance & capacitance are connected in series between points A & B.The voltage drops across the resistance,inductance&capacitance are found to be 40V,70V&100V respectively. What is the total voltage between between points A&B (Vab)? a)210V b)70V c)50V d)230V    6  870
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Un-Answered Questions
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how the silicon knows 0's and 1's... 143
what are the differant std sizes of cable trenches? 184
How to calculate the cement and fine aggregate requirement for solid block masonry works in terms of Sqm. 1. 400x200x200mm 2. 400x200x100mm 3. 600x200x100mm 4. 600x200x200mm I need the answer for 1 Sqm of solid block works. 542
What was your role in the silicon evaluation/product ramp? What tools did you use? 342
What is the allowable load carrying capacity of a circular column section of 400 mm diameter reinforced with 6x25 mm diameter bars adequately tied with spirals? Consider concrete of grade M25 and steel of grade Fe 415. 323
What is the difference between in Fourier series and Fourier Transform. and please tell me the difference between both of them and the why we use them in communication system? 149
Hi i m B.E. In elect. & comm. I m workin in bio mass plant from 6 mnths as inst. Engg. but now i m in dept. Of operation as shift engg...which is best operation or inst. 4 me? M confusd..plz help and reply me.. 519
i want to know the difference between proportional hydraulic valve & servo hydraulic valve 184
In Rankine Cycle we use the concept of Tm(mean temperature of heat addition).In actual cycle the efficiency comes as n=1-T2/T1 Taking Tm into consideration it comes as n=1-T2/Tm as T1>Tm so the efficiency for both case will not same for a same cycle. Can anybody explain how it is possible? Advance appreciation for your effort.Thanks 340
Why collecting electrode of ESP to be earthed 149
why stress relieving of stainless steel is not preffered 205
what is the difference between Power and Distribution transformers ? 127
why e1 capacity 2048 define details? 150
whate is the meaning of balance/unbalance,in stabilizers type 248
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