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why capacitor using the induction motor? kirloskar   6  2907
why our power production in multiple of 11, in strictlly asking why our o/p voltage of alternators is 11kv only and whynot graterthan 15 and016KV?    4  1838
in 3 phase induction motor resistance value is how much    1  2026
as we know that java is a platform independent language, but we need jvm for the same operating system why?    0  397
Can you tell me how we will select RTD and Thermocouples for Temperature applications. I.e How we will choose accurate one for a specefic operation if both having same ranges nippon   3  3974
Lapping Work Explain Briefly    2  3393
how to connect generators in parallel and what are the required equipment to do so? mseb   2  4049
is tree is a good conductor and it may be used for conductor?    3  2609
difference between strength&hardness ford   7  4024
why the emf of a cell more than the terminal voltage when the cell is delivering current?    4  17065
Why use ball valves on Gas pipelines instead of gate & or globe valves...means basic diffrence or use of these designers knows this type of valve with rating is required... ongc   0  589
please send me samples of tech. & aptitude tests jindal   0  422
write a progremme using function 0f prime no.?    0  314
how can service sitting be setted for MCCB?Example for sittings IR (CURRENT RATING),IS(CURRENT STARTING)IO (current operating)?    0  735
why capacitor is placed in fan    4  2832
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Un-Answered Questions
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wat is the first thing dat is needed, 2 lay a cable in some area?? 275
im an electronics and communication engineering..i have to attend an interview based on contract basis.i kindly request u to send all possible questions to my mail...its 403
Anyone have thesis paper about "Electrical Load Forecasting" . Or the web addresses where people usually upload their thesis paper except IEEE. 324
How to arrive the co- efficient of all civil activities? For ex:- painting-enamel in wooden doors. co efficient is 1.8. How this is calculated 446
can u please mail me the syllabus for GET exam for damodar valley corporation? 408
what is the proper location of sample point for sphere tank? 325
I want to know the questions asked in ONGC interview(after being selected in the written exam) for Instrumentation branch.Kindly help. 721
Find out the Cutting Length of Closed Hoop 2 Legged Stirrups for Beam as mentioned. Beam Size :200x300 mm,Nominal cover for all sides :25 mm,8 mm dia. Fe415/500/550. 605
Please Clear My doubt . We Can Design the size of the beam by manually by the Length of the beam...What is the technique adopted 121
please send me previose rrb junior engineer qustion papers 321
what is the step by step formula for calculating bus bar phase and neutral size of a panel board.suppose the incomer of panel board is 100A..???step by step answer please 1048
what is conventional shuttering rate per square feet of built up area? what is Mivan shuttering rate per square feet of built up area? what is coupler shuttering rate per square feet of built up area? 1103
what is intrinscily safe system and where we use? 872
What is the earth treantment procedure? 319
when power factor leading above 1 than defect moter and kwh. 94
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