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my temperature transmitter in field showing 700 degree , whereas in dcs showing 459 degree, how to resolve this?    0  4
How to calibrate radar type level transmitter for interface level? Total liquid(liq.1 and liq.2), level both the liq individually? For. Both the liquid levels how the signal will go from transmitter to dcs? How to calibrate. Single radar 9:26:55 AM for 2 different liquids in a tank?    0  18
I have one problem for masoneilan displacer type LT.I give some imformation in data shéet given for liquid level range 0 to 600 mm and sg .955 problem is 0% is ok 25%(23%) or 50%(48%)and 75%(73%) and 100% is ok this is up value and down value all ok so please halpe me    1  52
what is mass flow meter, working principle of mass flow meter and its installation.    0  60
if found error in magnetic flow meter?how can we adjust?    0  42
Why we. Don't measure current in parallel? Why we measure current in series and why we measure voltage in parallel only?    1  162
Can we get the outpot in c without using getch fiction? Answer is yes but output will stay on display 4 only few second.... But can we get output without using getch and also output will hold on the display...?    1  76
What you mean by multi stage control vavles?    0  67
In my plant I want to mount a steam flow transmitter .Flow nozzel is already mounted in steam line .So how can i know the range to put in flow transmitter?    0  30
Sir, my yokugava FF TYPE LEVEL transmitter us bad, i don't have spares available, i want to replace it with a Rosemount FF transmitter, please tell me what procedure to be followed and what changes to be done in dcs part.    1  156
why 4 to 20 ma used at 0 set    2  325
what is cavitation in control valve? & how we can avoid it?    1  244
What is the different between of rtd and thermocouple ?    4  358
Regarding , there is an air cooler which control the fans(50% of AV FANS) by temperature in outlet , and the louver of Air cooler is controlled by HIC from control system , So if on Air cooler we will consider 2 individual I/P converter or positioner?    0  39
Where should we terminate the shield and why?    2  401
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What care will you take in the installation of control valves,SCADA,DCS and FOC in Oil and Gas Project? 461
Why we are using reverse action in displacer types level transmitters on some Vessels? 874
why we use sensing type(NPN)on a vibration monitring system not a (PNP)sensing type 305
what are the different types of Protocols? & their applications. 20652
Explain about the leakage class of the control valves 405
What are the charcterstics of a P&ID controller block for Governor speed raise or lower for a load sharing functionality between 4 Gas turbines in droop mode. 1148
pls give me presant awerness quistion and answer in my emailid. 461
how to measure oxygen which methods are using? 346
What is the difference between conductive lined pipe and conductive unlined pipe? Why do we see that? 482
what effects a surging can produce in the compressor 322
why we should maintain neutral earth voltage below 1V while calibration? why cant it be 1.2V or 2V 660
What is upsampling and downsampling? 2126
why is an oxygen sensor used in a boiler stack 2645
what is stroke check for field instument transmetter's & AOV's 467
What are the logic behind 2x2 and 2x3 logic and more when ask in interviews 1932
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