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what is the different between deflection type measurement and null type measurement in RTD?    0  3
1.what is the power consumption of three element drum level control in sugar industries? to reduce that?    0  15
we are used SAMSON 3730 Smart positioner.please tell me how to calibration this.    0  16
We are used ABB 800xa 5.1.please tell me how to instrall this.    0  11
how far the two wire transmission (loop power) maximum distance suitable?    0  27
Dear All can any one told me that VFD Make ABB Model ACS800-01 used for dual Source like 1.DC Source applied at terminal UDC+,UDC- 2. 3 phase 400AC,50Hz    0  18
What is the difference between a double acting and single acting positioner? what type of valves use single acting positioners?    0  53
Where Can i take a SPI INtools training in Mumbai? In Rolta India Ltd to whom I should approach regarding of SPI INtools Training?    0  37
difference between accuracy and precision    3  293
difference between span and range    1  225
what is stability    1  92
difference between repeatability and reproductability    1  112
How to convert ma to mv? Resistance 250 ohm is connected in series or Parallel?    1  113
Valve positioner and actuators in detail.    0  72
what is vibration sensor working principal and how many types its has??    1  200
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is the differerence between hysterisis and linearity. 434
What are the interlocks we have to check during the start up of LP/HP compressor? 332
how many types of spped sensors n vibration sensors?their basic principle n connection? 818
can you send remote seal interface level transmitter calculation steps for oil water saperator. 800
In my company plc based winders are operated. one day there was a data transmission failure alarm shown on pc. as per sir instruction we have reset master plc but winders were not triped and alarm gone. so what master plc do? 364
what is the electrical operation procedure for switching on 27.6MVA electric furnace. 438
we have level transmitter for h2s04 storage tank capacity 10k ,always there are failure of transmitter due to failure of magnetic floats ,please come up with solutions at the earliest. 413
how many types of preheaters are in cement industry & what r they can any body explain? 136
Why use ball valves on Gas pipelines instead of gate & or globe valves...means basic diffrence or use of these designers knows this type of valve with rating is required... 559
We are used ABB 800xa 5.1.please tell me how to instrall this. 11
If i have 4 Allen Bradely make RS logix 5000 PLC and for viewing that we are using 4 RS view SCADA for 4 different packages. Now, I will want to view two packages on only one SCADA. Then how i will do it? 553
What is the PLC configuration in Cement industry? 1445
how to calculate orifice sizing? and tell me if pipe size bet 50mm t0 200mm then we can use pipe flange??? and above 250mm pipe size should i use D & D/2 Flange? is it right or wrong? 304
How RAL(Rotary air lock)works in cement industry? 516
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