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How to calculate flow of air bubbler type level transmiter  According hight and density     0  3
Why boiler chimney area  oxyden sensor fixing?     0  7
Boiler flame scanner working principle?    0  7
why we use the 4-20 mamp signal used for transmitter.    2  14
Describe how to use megger to measure the earth resistance and insulation resistance    0  9
Flow tax range 0 to 100 mmh2o ,flow rate 40 tons /hr, I want change flow rate example 42 tons/hr so tx range ?    0  10
flow transmitter formula?    0  14
what is all types of analyzer in water production plant?    0  12
Hello Friends do you know this answer of this Question? Which color you would use when there is Somthing not correct or need to change In P&ID? i mean color that use for highlight that need to update in P&ID. Yellow Highlighter ? Red color ? Blue Color ? Appreciate for your answer. Thanks Blue Color    2  30
Why 1-5 vdc a standard?    1  33
Why do we have earthing cable in branch cable and shield in the same cable?    0  20
What are continuances of connecting earthing and shield of branch cables (instrument to Junction box), at the same earthing pot provided on JB? Is it ok, or may produce some problem?     0  19
Why do we use triad cable for RTD to Temp.transmitter connection? Why we don't use 3 core cable?    1  32
Why is the length of cable layyed from RTD to temp. Transmitter should be minimum? Why does heating effect takes place in their?    1  29
What is heating effect?    0  15
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is stroke check for field instument transmetter's & AOV's 288
what are the diff. in servo and regulatory control? 47
What is limitation of the ht.of the displacer of a level trol? 80
Which is your favourite subject & explain any one topic of it. 880
how u choose thermowell lenght n pnumatic C/v size? 161
What is the PLC configuration in Cement industry? 505
what would be the minimum flow rate that we can measure on rotameter..? 202
how radio frequency level probes works with its controller ? what is its principle ? pls give me brief explanation? 189
What is Droop? What is Step/Gradient Limiter in Turbine Governor control? 509
In turbine, what does term CDP, NI, NH, HSSOC, means 278
what is the advantage of submersible level transmitter compare to ultrasonic level transmitter? 187
pls suggest suitable MOC of diaphragm for pressure measurement of UREA grade solution service fluid. 324
Identification of ss fittings, pilot valves, relief valve. 105
principle of automatic votage regulator 195
How is PH sensor works ? 172
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