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In field side transmitter voltage droping here no loose connection then what will happen?    0  10
In dcs contol valve parameters showing like this Gain=1 or 2 , ti=7 sec, td=20sec. But temp,pressure,level control valves we are using in which type parameter side using ti,td clearly tell me    0  7
How many interlocks at turbine? Plz explain briefly    0  8
How to convert 0-2500mmH2o into kg/hr? Or how to convert mmH2O into kg/hr,t/hr etc    2  13
What is the potential contact / output??    0  10
How to calculate the flow rate in Vortex flow meter?What is K factor?Can you give me an example calculation to understand the same as better?    0  11
how to measure the output of RTD given the general formula of  rtd.      1  17
Full form of KKS when use DCS.    0  23
how to commission furnace ( water heater)    0  14
what is the responsibility of an instrument commissioning supervisor    0  16
what is the daily job of an instrument commissioning supervisor    0  16
Why we are using thrust bearing at turbine side?    2  24
How many interlocks at turbine side?    0  11
How much voltage we are using at switches?    3  27
What is the differences of Level swich( LS ) and Level Transmitter(LT)    2  36
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Un-Answered Questions
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i hav applied for the post of engg. in iocl so please require the past test papers fro instrumentation engg please please help me and send me the papers or tell me the pattern and type of ques asked in examination...... 354
What is close loop ? 594
applications of plc in printing and packaging? 396
why direct mounted pressure transmitters is always installed with DBB ( double bleed block) valve in process line or top of the tanks ? 312
Dead weight tester & comparator for calibration , which is more accurate , what is the application. 413
How to check electrical health of Vibration probe? 425
what is the diffrence between pressure safety valve & pressure relief valve....pls 478
If a warning lamp will operate with the ground circuit is bypassed with a jumper wire to ground, what should you check? 366
What care will you take in the installation of control valves,SCADA,DCS and FOC in Oil and Gas Project? 437
Hook up resistance decade box to temp.transmitter. 476
Specify eight technical requirements that you would consider important, when deciding upon a particular control valve? 280
What is the minimum rating availalbe for weld neck orifice in market? 303
what is actual drum level and compensated drum level? 334
how many types of viberation transmitter and how to calibrate and where use of vibration transmitter 407
please send me the inteview questions in IOCL 482
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