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Give Detail information about plc,dcs,and scada system?    0  5
Witch type cable use for rtd ,why?    2  12
What is NODE in DCS?    1  10
what is the criteria to decide conductor size of a cable ?    0  12
what is principal of pressure transmitter?    1  19
how to calibrate level transmitter    1  15
What is the function of solenoid valve in on/off & shutdown valve and why it is not used in control valve normally?    0  11
How can i solve the problem of ROSEMOUNT 5300 guided wave level transmitter of full range? For more clearfication , another guided wave level transmitter VEGA brand have the same problem and i solved it by drain the champer from water and make "false signal suppretion" from transmitter push buttons it's configuration to tell the transmitter to avoid any built-up signal ,,, so my question how can i avoid the problem that rosemount read full range while the champer empty or any other ????    0  14
How to interfacing microcontroller with a DC motor    0  31
In instrumentation standard we use 4 to 20ma for transmission , why cant we use 3 to 19ma ?    0  43
meaning of SMART    1  30
In a gas over oil actuator, after the opening/closing of valve, how the gas is vented out? How does the hydraulic/gas circuit function?    0  28
Dear all, I'm manikandan I have done by DIPLOMA EEE from 2011 , I have 5 years of experience from Power plants instrumentation field , which one field is give long life & which one field is best ,I confused a lot And also I'm studying AMIE, can I choose which field from Section B examination?    1  44
INtools Trainining    1  45
how its work inductive proximity sensor explain briefly?    1  69
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Un-Answered Questions
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in sulfur process what is material of impulse line we use to connect with transmitter ? and does teflon affected by sulfur? 757
Specify for Cables - Flame Retardant and Fire Resistant? 492
How to calibrate Field bus transmitter? procedure ? 713
What are the types of control valves available 339
i want formula for flow doing project in flow control using orifice . i know value of the flow level(Q) . upstream(p1) pressure, orifice diameter(Do) , pipe diameter(Di) and oil viscosity(Vi) how can i calculate downstream pressure 365
hiii.... can any one provide me previous years question paper of hindustan petroleum for instrumentation engineering??? 412
we are having yokogawa centum cs3000 dcs in our power plant. i need some of the operator guides NOT to appear in HIS0163 AND HIS 0162 but it shoul appear in HIS0164 HOW TO DO IT? 851
Why do you want to work here 545
To become an Instrument DESIGN engineer, is there any softwares or training to become Instrument Design engineer, plz suggest me, Iam very much interested in designing. 1914
when an eddy current probe is installed inside of a turbine or compressor in case of probe problem same as:crash of head of probe,changing the scale factor because of low measuring gap(physical gap is ok(example=1.14mm)but voltage is reduced(example=-6 volts),is any way to check the probe,when the ohm of probe is ok.thank you,(Karim Tavakoli) 360
why we use impulse line of flow transmitter at 45 deg. angle both side of orifice plate. 136
Basic working principle of control valves 320
in differential pressure transmitter,min&max pressure range for hp&lp 393
where proximity sensor installed on tank in loading arm application 359
how to convert cubic metre per hour to newton cubic metre per hour 386
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