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What is rtd output signal    0  2
how to calibrate TT transmitter    1  9
why use to 250 ohm for hart protocol and why hart communicator not communicate without 250 ohm     2  21
What is the difference between bench set and operating range i control valve?    0  15
which transister (npn or pnp) is used in vibration monitoring for negative voltage?     0  16
What are the logic behind 2x2 and 2x3 logic and more when ask in interviews    0  10
What is scan time of PLC?    2  25
What is Trim?    1  24
What is Cavitation?    1  20
What is the procedure of DP switch calibration     1  25
Any one can help me to identified, how can we interchange the device in FF    0  18
What is capacity of impulse line tube ...answer in psi    2  35
In RS 500 SLC 5/03 input change one module card to another card, plz. give steps clearly.    0  25
WE Know that different supply voltage of solenoid valve like 24,110,220 we check the solenoid supply is 24v or 220 NOTE: No specification at device.    2  59
What is surge in compressors? How to detect and control it?    1  50
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Un-Answered Questions
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I want to know about DDCMIS in detail ? please explain it. Also give name of reference books in which it is explained in detail in very simple manner. 811
what deference between panel earth and systemearth 145
Specific gravity. 87
Good evening all I need a small favour regarding reliance paper i wanna probable sample papers(e&i) of reliance. if any of u have any idea about dis then plz mail me back.i belongs to electronics and instrumentation i need e&i papers. thanking u.... 275
how many mmwc are eual to 1kg/ & can we calculate mmwc into tph? 373
how many types of spped sensors n vibration sensors?their basic principle n connection? 242
What is surge and how is it prevented, what is the purpose of bypass valve across AS valve. 37
Conversions 85
hi my name is rakesh patel i just complited my be in instrumentation & control now i am going to working as a validation engineer in a poject department so what is a scope in a future as a validation engginer ? what line is good for me can any bady give me complete solution please? your regard rakesh patel 145
How to calibrate an pressure gauge with yantrika test bench? 44
why any measurement made interms of pressure is more accurate ? to be more precise most of the flow velocity is made interms of pressure and it is accurate. what is the reason behind pressure measurement being accurate ? 120
how to tune siemens sipart electro pneumatic positioner..plz tel me.. 234
In control valve there are two type of valve seat we can use metal to metal seat & soft seat.On this valve seat i have following doubt. 1)I have never seen practically the internal assembly of valve so my doubt is that basically weather the seat is soft seat or metal its basic MOC is same as valve body(SS or CS) only in soft seat we are using PTFE ring & place on valve seat & in metal this PTFE ring is not threr am i correct??????? 2)what are the common general rule for using metal to metal seat & soft seat,means its depend on process parameter like liquid,gas, steam & on valve leakage class. 250
what is function of switch, and how is it work, explain with difination 67
Define the difference between a stable versus an unstable controlled system and some of the tools you might use to be able to detect when this is happening and assumptions used for control system application design that could contribute to instability 163
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