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Lube oil pressure transmitter local it's showing 9.8 kg/cm2 but dcs side it's showing 9.26 like that what is the reason?    1  10
how to convert % to ma    0  12
what is differance  between SOE an alarams    0  13
How to convert m3/hr in tonnes/hr    1  20
how many types of preheaters are in cement industry & what r they can any body explain?    0  9
How can I map a tank?  Tank 15m h and 42m dia. we just fixed radar type lit. its reading shows over range. Now its required mapping ?    0  10
I am using 971 Enraf radar level transmitter for LPG tanks ,the tank side indicator gives the error code 999999999FL can any body give me any diagnostic for this issue?    0  12
Can u tell me the principle of the tc,rtd,level switch,pressure switch ,transmitter(pr flow level temp.),vibration...plz    0  19
How to Calibrate the magnetic flow meter on site ?    0  21
How to calibrate DP transmitter by using HART communicator ?    1  35
What is the reverse action and direct action    1  35
Anybody can tell me  how to convert mmHg2o /psi to scfm  please give me formula of conversion    0  18
what different types of problems do occur while doing instrumentation commisioning and how to solve them? please explain in detail    0  17
What different types of problems do occur while doing the loop checking? and please explain in detail or mail me at    0  15
I faced several time siemens ps2 positioner automatically getting Chang in it's set point direction after auto calibration  So is there any causes biside this or  any  permissives ?    0  21
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Un-Answered Questions
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How servomotor controls throttle valve of TURBINE? 214
how many types of preheaters are in cement industry & what r they can any body explain? 9
what is the difference between Cv and air consumption? why the customer needs Air consumption details? 345
how many mmwc are eual to 1kg/ & can we calculate mmwc into tph? 927
what is function of switch, and how is it work, explain with difination 323
Please asked me How calculate DCS controller memory. 1053
how to calibrate electro pneumatic positioner 8013 mil controls ltd ?gsr 2240
why any measurement made interms of pressure is more accurate ? to be more precise most of the flow velocity is made interms of pressure and it is accurate. what is the reason behind pressure measurement being accurate ? 287
What happens if the Displacer has fallen or has a hole in it? 212
what is the difference between scaler and vector drive 402
what is the PC interface and software for connection to ABB logic module “ LM011-CE18RAC “ ( for Programming ) ?? 993
3. Differentiate between ultrasonic flowmeter and radar type flow meter. 581
What is the purpose of LO overhead tank in turbines. 345
How digital input and digital output 's are working in dcs 581
What is the difference bitween control net scaner and device net scaner 1570
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