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What is ALSPA 370 control system    0  2
Can we use PLC in Hazardous Area?    0  10
how to calibrate and troubleshooting of leveltroll?    0  7
why we are giving negative supply for vibration sensors?    1  18
Can you explain drawbacks between P,I,D & PID controller    0  19
How can I read the electrical drawing easily?    1  35
transmitter in 3 connection +,-,And test mode so how Use To Test Mode    1  35
What is stripper & spilitter ? Diffrence in this.?    0  17
What is hp & mp seperator .& what is its working principle ?    0  13
What is SCADA ? WHAT is it role in DCS ?    1  22
What is hp & mp seperator .& what is its working principle ?    0  17
What is stripper & spilitter ? Diffrence in this.?    0  16
pl give the guidance for DUBAL written test    0  20
what is power factor?    0  15
What are the different type of instrument used in cement industry with uses lafarge   2  36
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is the main difference between Cavitation and Flashing? 2031
What is limitation of the ht.of the displacer of a level trol? 68
Can anybody please let me know Orifice plate sizing calculation formula and step by step procedure 93
HI, can anybody give details about GAS TREATMENT PLANT CONSTRUCTION,as INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEER what are the responsibilites.what are the instruments mainly instrumentation engineer will deal with 147
what is o2 analyzer and how it measured ,what is the role of this analyzer in cfbc boiler... 126
What is the cascade control system and where is use in power plant give the detail with block diagram 294
what will the sending unit in the fuel gauge utilizes? 292
plz you help about Que paper of mahagenco previous your,any model paper relad to it{maharastra power genration} 436
i am having information technology branh ....... can i prepare for psu exam 204
In power plant to measure vibration of a turbine we install sensors. Before install this sensor we have to set gap voltage. What is meant by gap voltage and its use? 313
why is an oxygen sensor used in a boiler stack 1043
Why use ball valves on Gas pipelines instead of gate & or globe valves...means basic diffrence or use of these designers knows this type of valve with rating is required... 251
How RAL(Rotary air lock)works in cement industry? 215
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