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How do you troubleshoot accelerometers used in Vibration monitoring/tripping    0  3
What are the different types of thermistors used in industries? How to the operation of typical thermistor?    0  3
What is calibration?    0  7
What is mean by analytical instrumentation?    0  8
Im working in a shopping center, it is also hotel and office building, two towers exactly and someone is proposing a PLC control for the HVAC system, but Im thinking of a DDC control system. in this case what is the difference between PLC and DDC control?    0  10
What is the difference between PLC and DDC?    0  10
how level can be measured in open tank with reference to pressure    0  22
I am a instrument technician. recently i attend interview and face one of question for DP transmitter ,the client asking about the calibration of DP transmitter ,am answer the calibration procedure, they will ask one more question. why open LP side in atmosphere? i did not answer that question. so please help me and explain the particular question. Dear firends waiting for your valuable replay    1  34
can you give some devices that measure directly the mass flow rate.    1  104
what is positive displacement meter.    0  24
what is Pre- commissioning.    0  34
what is commissioning.    0  35
what is difference between hart signal and analog signal (4 to 20 ma)    2  73
what is field bus system. need defination    0  15
what is performance test.need defination    0  19
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anybody having Qatar Petroleum questions for instrument Technician offshore ....please send me 2985
Instrumentation symbols interpration, P& ID, Logic diagram analysis, Electrical drawing analysis. 300
Why we are using reverse action in displacer types level transmitters on some Vessels? 898
what is the process to make control schematic ? 484
How will you change the action of a control valve? 622
how to tune siemens sipart electro pneumatic positioner..plz tel me.. 487
control panel design guidelines 1264
draw the block diagram of a level transmitter ? 659
what is interlock system and why we use of this? 237
Speedtronic system . 270
our kks tagging is crossing more than 12 character please suggest how to take tags in the DCS 508
how level can be measured in open tank with reference to pressure 22
What is the cascade control system and where is use in power plant give the detail with block diagram 585
What is surge and how is it prevented. 311
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