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I have failed my intermediate can i write entrance exam the next year after completing my backlogs    0  5
2 ships are wardroom light house one side at 30 degree and other ship other side at 45 degree. If light house has 100 m, find distance of boat from light house. and also find distance of each boat from light house    1  16
Write a function to print all the combinations of a string both uppercase and lowercase without altering the position of each letter.    0  10
What is the purpose of dampening roller    0  13
what are the qualifications for a cse student to get government job    1  15
How to write a test case for an extra Commerce website can any one tell this with the help of a table    0  13
what is the different between view and materialized view in oracle DBA?    0  19
Tell me all about production of drought and its losses In the boiler?    0  22
what is the meaning of vacuum balancing line at glass line or s.s reactor in pharma api industries?    0  38
discuss the conditional formatting and advanced filtering features in MS-Excel with suitable example    0  82
in single linked list , each node contains data and address of next node. if middle of list the node is damaged/crashed then how to find where the link is failed and how to get the all the data which is stored after the crashed node?    0  51
in b+ trees, all the data is stored in leaf nodes. if all leaf nodes are crashed then how to get/recovery the data back?    0  54
Client server applications    0  50
Five circle- adjacent to each other in ascending order, first dia 8 and last dia 18, find mid one.    1  319
write a c program which accept input as:Anu.B.Kapur and give out as:Kapur.A.B using pointers    0  40
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briefly explain about your project? please tell me about this answer . my current project is ERP domain web based application.please please help me 357
Can you connect Active Directory to other 3rd-party Directory Services? Name a few options. 247
what is the pri request of binary search 189
can any one give 10 ways to create a file in unix...???? through command prompt.... 970
Differentiate between data base and data mart? 510
create a C program, the .exe file of that program run system will reboot any one help me 325
1) There is a circular pizza with negligible thickness that is cut into 'x' pieces by 4 straight line cuts. What is the maximum and minimum value of 'x' respectively 2)A ship leaves on a long voyage. When it is 18 miles from the shore, a seaplane, whose speed is 10 times that of the ship is sent to deliver mail. How far from the shore does the seaplane catch upon with the ship? 3) If the distance traveled (s) in time (t) by a particle is given by the formula s = 1+ 2t+3t2+4t3, then what is the distance traveled in the 4th second of its motion? 4)3 men finish painting a wall in 8 days. Four boys do the same job in 7 days. In how many days will 2 men and 2 boys working together paint two such walls of the same size? 1340
Friends i want to know about the civil service examination...when it wil be conducted this year?i want to become DSP...I just completed my engineering in the stream of computers....Is percentage required in engineering to Write Mains?please help me send answers to my mail 311
can you provide me uniken pvt ltd. technical interview question and answer? 1365
plz snd me sbi probationofficers papers to my id 558
who are egoless programmers? 292
why this for loop doesn't work . int i; for(i=2;i=0;i--) { cout<<i; } 341
is the used fire extinguisher fall under Hazardous waste material? 377
Problem:Design and implement a class that allows a teacher to track the grades in a single ourse.Include methods that calculate the average grae, the highest grade, and the lowest grade.Wrute a program to testyour class implementation in a c#. given grades:integral=85, physics=87, datastruct=84. 328
What is the difference between while & do while loop 499
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