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what is rapid application development    0  9
how many E1's in pasolink and ipasolink?    0  43
Key difference between ip10 and ip20 of ceragon equipment?    0  51
void main() { int i=5; printf(ā€œ%dā€,++i++) }    1  90
Just a one miniute topics in English?    0  76
what are the simlerities between macro and subroutine    0  79
real time examples for basic concepts in oop    0  91
Can you delink a payer from a bill to sold to ship to and then create a new payer on the existing bill to sold to ship to, this is where a pub or club changes licencees and we want to icolate the debt from the old owner but keep the sales history on the ship to/sold to    0  117
what is the difference b/w "print" and "sprint" in sql?    0  148
reverse a number ( like 1234 into 4321) using malloc in C programming    0  129
How can I get know that my pc contains dram or sram..?    0  123
int i=~0; uint j=(uint)i; j++; printf(ā€œ%dā€,j); what is the use of "uint" int the above code    0  116
I have failed my intermediate can i write entrance exam the next year after completing my backlogs    0  85
2 ships are wardroom light house one side at 30 degree and other ship other side at 45 degree. If light house has 100 m, find distance of boat from light house. and also find distance of each boat from light house    1  869
Write a function to print all the combinations of a string both uppercase and lowercase without altering the position of each letter.    0  253
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Un-Answered Questions
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why every computer should have a boot strap routine? 415
How Main()is called by opreting system? 340
why only j2me is used for mobile??? 453
what is 16kHz use in GSM 456
how to handle errors in fastload? 528
What is the difference between CD-R and CD+R? 610
Whay we use gigabite ethernt 710
WAP in Java to print the format: ABC BCD CDE EFG 707
Please send the details and fee for Intools training course..I would like to do the course in second week of jUNE 2010. 712
How can we share data between actions in qtp..pls tell me 666
why do you want to join tcs 849
Which one is more efficient in terms of required memory space call-by-value or call-by-referance? 320
is the RKDF university is aicte approved for in computer 322
write a program for reverse a given string? 489
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