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How to write a test case for an extra Commerce website can any one tell this with the help of a table    0  3
what is the different between view and materialized view in oracle DBA?    0  10
Tell me all about production of drought and its losses In the boiler?    0  9
what is the meaning of vacuum balancing line at glass line or s.s reactor in pharma api industries?    0  23
discuss the conditional formatting and advanced filtering features in MS-Excel with suitable example    0  67
in single linked list , each node contains data and address of next node. if middle of list the node is damaged/crashed then how to find where the link is failed and how to get the all the data which is stored after the crashed node?    0  38
in b+ trees, all the data is stored in leaf nodes. if all leaf nodes are crashed then how to get/recovery the data back?    0  40
Client server applications    0  39
Five circle- adjacent to each other in ascending order, first dia 8 and last dia 18, find mid one.    1  266
write a c program which accept input as:Anu.B.Kapur and give out as:Kapur.A.B using pointers    0  34
write a c program which accepts input as Anu.B.Kapoor and gives output as:Kapoor.A.B plz send me the ans    0  39
hai im going to face ibps SO IT officers grade 1 interview. if anyone had an idea plz tel me expected and experienced questions and mail to    0  57
What is the difference between Huawei 5700 switch and 5300 switch?    1  134
In HSE what is Lost time accident? why it is to be reported within 48 hrs to gov.authorities ?    0  115
Write a c program to accept two strings of odd lengths 1. take all odd characters from one string & even character from other a and concatenate  & produce a string 2. us only one loop & no of times loop will be executed must be determined by length of long string.    1  114
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Un-Answered Questions
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Requesting for AMVI genaral studies syllabus 476
can you provide me uniken pvt ltd. technical interview question and answer? 1362
i want to know how can i divide the bandwidth among two computers.say i have a connection of 256 kbps dsl connection. i have a i want to divide this 256 kbps in two 128,128 equal that both of us can work on our separate 128 speed 505
differences between pass by reference and pass by value in c language? 291
Write a program to maintain a singly linked list having the following functions: a) Creation of the list b) Displaying the list. c) Swap all nodes at consecutive even odd positions. E.g.: The nodes at position 1 should be swapped with node 2, node 3 with node 4 and so on. 2369
Given two strings, find the sub-string of the first string having minimum length which is having all the characters in second string 517
how much the percentile as a good percentile in elitmus. 4366
what is the working of tcp/ip? 405
what is difference between value datatype and object datattype 307
requirement:To move display statements in a cobol program to a dataset.These display statements were not in main program but in calling program and we were not allowed to move these info via sysout dd dsn='' . please let me know the ways this can be handled 416
how can i write a program in c of SPARCE MATRIX(data structure)? 405
A code which had some declarations of some data items. There were a couple of normal data items(char,int..) and some pointers as well and a malloc call. You have to find the total memory taken up in the stack(Hint:Pointers and all are allocated in heap, not in stack, so dont count them).Also in most of these questions, they were specifying that the OS was 32 bit 588
why do you want to join tcs 777
how will u send the idoc 990
How do you remove meta only for the root slice? remaining slices should run under meta? 2071
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