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Given two strings, find the sub-string of the first string having minimum length which is having all the characters in second string    0  13
Given a number (N), program to check whether its binary form has periodic or not    0  13
any one can help me to know the top mnc companies and their working platforms?i mean java,php...    0  10
is the meter head is same as back pressure?    0  18
what is the difference between composite key and primary key in sap abap    0  35
what are the various login options used in loadrunner tool to make a application performance testing    0  21
What is Landscape in Sap BW?    0  26
what is the difference between a decision statement and ea loop statement?    0  30
describe how your code can determine if the user entered an input box value or click the cancel button?    0  23
what two ways you can use to ensure that visual basic does not allow uncleared variables?    0  30
hey,frnds.....i want to do a telecom course, plz tell course and levels of that job.iam B.E (ECE) fresher.and also tell best institutes in hydrabad or banglore plz.    0  30
hi friends.... i want do telecom course, iam getting confused. plz tell me courses and levels in that field. iam fresher B.E ECE student. and plz tell institutes in hydrabad or bangalure.    0  40
what is difference between shell commands and shell scripting commands or both r same?    0  36
what is the formula/ ratio for hollow block? considering to a 40 kgs of portland cement.    0  26
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Un-Answered Questions
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As stated in the job offer notification, is our basic salary of $7,500.00USD, good for you if employed? In case of any eventuality, who is your next of kin? 1064
I am 2012 pass out b tech student(cse). i have recently started software manual testing class. Is this field is benefitial for me in future? 98
what is your weaknesses 126
pls send me the e-book for verbal and non verbal reasoning of R S aggarwall 527
what are the differences between malloc() and calloc() in c language? 123
What is W-model in Software Engineering? 896
why this for loop doesn't work . int i; for(i=2;i=0;i--) { cout<<i; } 162
Is printf(?%d?,p); valid? 216
Explain the memory reference and register reference instructions as micor operation. 593
what is JAR file,JNI,JFC?? 183
Suppose that, even unrealistically, we are to search a list of 700 million items using Binary Search, Recursion (the algorithm given in class). What is the maximum number of comparisons that this algorithm must perform before finding a given item or concluding that it is not in the list? 554
how can i implement a program of polynomial adding,multiplication,through c language??? 234
XSL and XSLD difference 1940
WAP in Java to print the format: ABC BCD CDE EFG 355
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