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In HSE what is Lost time accident? why it is to be reported within 48 hrs to gov.authorities ?    0  21
Write a c program to accept two strings of odd lengths 1. take all odd characters from one string & even character from other a and concatenate  & produce a string 2. us only one loop & no of times loop will be executed must be determined by length of long string.    1  35
verbal quiz and answers    0  35
which topics are come from quizs    0  25
I am IT engineer how IT would be useful in banking?? what best answer would be given for this question???    0  21
How many codes are used when u design a Pressure Vessel    0  54
what is the basic need for tech..test?    0  30
series:1,4,2,8,6,24,22,88?    1  135
which of the following is not a storage class specifier in c?    1  119
What is sanity testing..please explain with examples    1  271
i am going to give interview for the post of ibps there is a question in my mind which is "Being an electonics and communication engineer how can you help in banks, I mean whats the application of your education in banking."    0  514
what are the difference between grounding,earthing and neutral???????....    1  952
List three things you can do with the files you create by recording your voice on your computer    0  463
Given two strings, find the sub-string of the first string having minimum length which is having all the characters in second string    0  480
Given a number (N), program to check whether its binary form has periodic or not    0  386
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Un-Answered Questions
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write a program to reverse a string using recursive function without using str functions. 677
Is printf(?%d?,p); valid? 424
Can main() function can be made virtual? 286
hello sir, i'm persuing my final year in textile chemistry and have a diploma in electronics and communication...interviewer ask why you should adopt textile chemistry from electronics and communication....please give me the best answer... thank you 237
what is the pri request of binary search 171
how to implement spiral model on railway reservation?. 1452
what is the need for oobs 397
differences between pass by reference and pass by value in c language? 284
what do you expect from this company? 644
What is CRC? the material will be used in electrical stampings. 446
Given a number (N), program to check whether its binary form has periodic or not 386
What will be the sql query to list the employee names those are getting 3rd highest salary ? 239
find the salary of an employee where employee number is known 403
how to count 4 column with two "and" condition in oracle? e.g task_type and cust_type and service_type are 3 column and we hv to count where task_type="new"and cust_type="jdp" and resulting column name will be new cust with jdp..and also we hv to count where task_type="new"and service_type="fs" resulting column name will be new cust with fs.. 269
As stated in the job offer notification, is our basic salary of $7,500.00USD, good for you if employed? In case of any eventuality, who is your next of kin? 4030
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