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If navara d40 injektor damage.what is the problem when we drive??    0  4
what is the class of generator A b & c    0  10
why view is created in database    0  10
how to identify analog and digital in instrumentation    1  25
what is rapid application development    0  45
how many E1's in pasolink and ipasolink?    0  89
Key difference between ip10 and ip20 of ceragon equipment?    0  114
void main() { int i=5; printf(ā€œ%dā€,++i++) }    1  149
Just a one miniute topics in English?    0  113
what are the simlerities between macro and subroutine    0  107
real time examples for basic concepts in oop    0  129
Can you delink a payer from a bill to sold to ship to and then create a new payer on the existing bill to sold to ship to, this is where a pub or club changes licencees and we want to icolate the debt from the old owner but keep the sales history on the ship to/sold to    0  157
what is the difference b/w "print" and "sprint" in sql?    0  182
reverse a number ( like 1234 into 4321) using malloc in C programming    0  171
How can I get know that my pc contains dram or sram..?    0  153
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what is 16kHz use in GSM 471
Apply Newton?s method to compute the approximate value of root 2. Start the iteration from x0=1, and obtain two iterations. 590
W.A.P to take input of an array and display the entered no. in dos. 526
what should be the finish work of a carpenter per day 687
what does static variable mean in c language? 737
why this for loop doesn't work . int i; for(i=2;i=0;i--) { cout<<i; } 384
What is HPLC ? and define it. 446
Hi manikandhan, my name is ruby. Can u pls forward the conduct/character certificate on my Id. what details shall i require for this certificate. pls help me out with this..its really very urgent.. let me know soon bcoz my interview is on 19th septemper in mumbai... 463
what is difference between value datatype and object datattype 359
i want a program in c# for 100 or for a number greater than 100.....pls help 409
Hello everybody, I have applied for the AAI jr executive ATC exam. I am from CSE branch. Is Exam paper for the CSE and other branches same or not? Because I don't have knowlwdge on Electronic subject? Can any one please send me the previous exam papers for AAI Jr Executive of CSE branch My id is: Thanks and Regards Naveen 861
Difference between software process model and software process.? 387
What is Campus selection process of patni at Adcet,Ashta at 24th dec 2010.Also give apti syllabus. 921
multithreading?? 466
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