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engine rotation    0  13
why we use ignitor in ignition coils in automobile sector?    1  325
Hi guys! I buyed this clone carprog but i realized that not reading 24cxx. I tried 93cxx and 25cxx and it read.But 24cxx not.I tried to put external power.Of course the eeprom was soldered out.The interface is new and never read 24cxx.I tried many 24cxx .Is there a solution for this problem? I read in other forum that need to replaced 74hc125D with 74hc125M 4 pieces. thanks!    0  133
When we run the report j1ifr ( pending 4(5)a challan )this report can we convert in excel sheet.    0  105
What is CX and DX mean or abbreviation for JCB Backhoe Loaders ? I know they are models 3CX is used in Europe and 3DX is used in India but I am looking for the full form of those abbreviations - Thanks    0  224
What is overflow and how it's happen    0  254
What is a “proximity probe” used to measure?    0  162
PPAP - VDA full form    2  352
what is alignment?    1  1517
what is balancing?    1  921
What direction of rotation in crank? why not it rotate opposite direction?    1  1539
12,6,4 & 3 cylinder engine, fuel firing order & torque capacity    2  1445
face to face first interview for the post of service engineer to question    0  972
i have chines vehicle Grand Tiger now its AC compressor become jam what should i do i have not found new in market    0  830
The land rover 110 defender stop because someone put water/kerosene in a fuel system,what can I do in order the to run again...    1  874
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is overflow and how it's happen 254
where can i get the course for automobile engineering in delhi? 516
I am a diploma Automobile Engineer working in Volkswagen for 4 years . I wish to apply for Australian PR however SOL of austria does not include automobile ngineering is there any other way i can choose to apply for the same. Please help.. 1381
My Isuzu common rail 4Hl 1-1 tipper caught to flood & water absorb to engine through air intake line (air cleaner) then I put new pistons, rods everything its needed. But now when I start the engine its try to start with normal starting sound. I try to start until battery getting low, but nothing happen. What can I do? Please help me to resolve this problem. 761
What is a “proximity probe” used to measure? 162
what is a stage time 563
i have chines vehicle Grand Tiger now its AC compressor become jam what should i do i have not found new in market 830
What is the composition of Cast Iron Grade:GG P70 ? 1660
1.what is the minimum percentage for engineering students? I like to become RTO officier...please send me procedure for that... 1579
prove the relation for the torque required in order to accelerate a gered system? 1215
What High School Career completer should you select, for automobile engineering? 1151
can we use servomotor for applying torque or load to the gear box drive shaft at various speeds for gear box testing purpose 753
Hi,I got a call from vssc,kerala for the technical assistant in automobile,would u suggest me how to prepare for this,quickly 3301
How are calculate the Speedometer ratio in the vehicle? 1783
what is the syllabus for the rrb sec. eng. posts iam from automobile engg. 789
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