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I want definition for ABT Meter (Availability Based tariff) ?    0  2
A electrical meter has load 500 kw. In 2 hr what rading will come on meter.    0  2
What is the ladder circuit?    0  2
why to need a electrical earthing?    1  2
Define Electrical Insulation and examples of Solid,Liquid and Gaseous insulating materials?    0  2
Dear sir, I completed DECE In the year 1995.Now i am working in a private company from last 10 years as an Electrical supervisor.The company having a 1000 KVA transformer.Now i try to apply "C" Licence. I am eligible or not.If not eligible,pls give solution.    0  6
why the transformer primary terminal indicated by u,v, technical reason    2  8
Why battery rooms painted with dark colour    1  9
what is the effect of higher value of GD???    0  6
what is the acceptable insulation resistance for motor/transformer?    0  8
What does Transformer vector connection Dy11y5 means?    1  8
What is the difference between MCCB,ELCB,RCB & MCB    2  13
why m and c are shorted in wattmeter    1  12
Am using an electronic digital display to see the RPM of ABB ACS 550 drive, which is showing negative value when the motor & drive in stop mode but it is showing correct value during the run mode. can anyone help me out??    1  9
which type of capacitors using in single phase motors    1  13
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is Diff btw Fire Alarm & VESDA System??? 476
I have doubt that the supply HZ (very low or high than rated ) may affect the power factor. is it true. ? 224
What is the pro & con of having 11kv & 33kv incoming, and what is the adv & disadv. of converting from 11kv to 33kv. 532
what are factors to be consider to design a HT & LT motor? 578
what is positive , negative & zero equivalent system resistance 284
internally connection of photvoltic module 190
What is diode fuse ? How it is working? 346
there are cam operated switches - why we call cam operated , What is cam ? 319
how to flameproof electrical motor on the shaft? 312
Can u tell me design of switch yard 475
mostly the questions were from machines... d.c. machines, transformer, synchronous and induction all theory paper........ few from power system... but the level of paper was easy..... 345
what is the purpose of high speed earth switch in gas insulated substat 869
7- What is the Dissipation Factor and the difference between it and Insulation Resistance Test? 8- What is the task (function) of DC and AC reactors in power plant? 9- What is the task (function) of (open delta with earthed) in some types in transformers? 10- What is the base of the selection of the vector group in transformers? 11- What is the zig-zag transformer and its function by drawing in large detail? 12- What is the polarity ? 13- Why we make short between phase(R) in high side and phase (r) in low side in vector group test? Where High Side ( R ,S and T ) and Low Side ( r ,s and t ). 14- What are the time on delay and time off delay? 15- What is the vector group? 15- What is the task (function) of different types of vector group such as Dyn11 , Dd0 , YNd1,……..,? 414
can mini-curcuit supply MIL-tested transformer ! 345
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