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What are the safeties in elevators?what is the use of governor in elevator?    1  3
What the full form of KVARs    0  3
Can we check ELCB constantly from R1 to R8 phase in 1 no DB?    0  5
If we use 250A MCCB as a incomer in Control panel for a fault level of 50kA for one second ,assuming temperature rise from 85 Deg. to 100 Deg , Then what will be the Aluminium Bus-bar size for 250A MCCB? Explain in detail.    0  8
How to calculate the fuel consumption for 600kva DG genset which connecting with 25%load?    0  7
What is the arc. I saw word arc in between sf6 & vcb brakers    0  8
If the secondary winding will be open in current transformer, how to damage the insulators    2  12
What are the roles and responsibilities of electrical engineer in cement plant    0  9
What fomula is used to calculate: 1. rated frequency withstand voltage, and 2. rated lightning impulse withstand voltage.    0  7
What is the working principle of servo motor? And explain it.    0  8
what type of motor used to move a 1 ton gate? and relate ratings with load.    0  36
How to parallel a alternator without using synchro scope or lamp methods    1  33
Both generator parallel condition shared load equally but one genrator taking ampere more than the other what are all the causes to make like this    0  22
In D O l starter motor starts as a star connected ,then in star delta starter also motor initially starts as star how come star delta is preferred from dol    1  25
Dear sir, my knowledge about cable size determination is limited. Though I read examples I could not calculate the Cable size required for electric driven pump 40 KW, 380 Volt, 50 HZ, 50 meter from transformer and it is three phase star delta starting. Please help as there is no one in my surroundings to help.    0  19
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Un-Answered Questions
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-What should be minimum value of insulation resistance and maximum value of earth resistance at any electrical instillation and what is method of testing the same. 416
how we can do the insulation on secondary of ct explain and so that tan delta will within limit 306
please send me the L&T Emb. sys. placement papers and entire details of pattren 615
I am selected in OCL(Orissa cement Limited), but they have a Tech PI round their at their plant.Anybody has any idea that what kind of questions they are going to ask??Please guies help me. I am in serious headache.I have heard that huge elimination is done at there. 2249
Can anyone explain me the operating principle of the megger tester?( I just know that its diflection relates with the ratio of currents of control & diflecting coil. I need more information as breif as possible) 1617
I want to put this query to SENIOR & EXPERIENCED ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS. 1)I want to know about the control circuit diagrams for control panels. I found it difficult to understand. Is there ant booklet through which we can learn the circuit diagrams? 2)I want to learn about conduiting, laying cables, preparing cable schedules and various techniques which is the part of building infrastucture(construction field). I don't have any experience in this area. I have experience in control panels only. that's why i am not getting any opening in building infrastucture (construction field).Can I get the job in this field as Trainee Engineer? How to enter this field? I need job in PUNE 358
How we calculate DC inducation moter Amp? Sir pls give me formula...... 261
How to get Electrical Supervisory Licence in chennai Tamil Nadu from TNEB. I am BE EEE graduate. 703
In case of generator when we consume more power produces by it why load on generator increase and starts sound more. and how it is adjusted.. 255
Difference between drift current and diffusion current? 55
what clearance required for 4.5 mva dry type transformer? 261
What is the method of estamating of cable, CB,MCB ? 416
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