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How to calculate the current in DG What are the type of power pls explain with related formulas    1  6
how to determine the inrush current of a transformer    0  4
how to calculate the starting current of a motor? gopal    0  4
what is bjt & mosfet? what is rectifier & diode?    1  6
difference between semiconductor & conductor & insulator?    0  5
define superposition theorem thevnin theorem ,norton theorom?    0  5
In TNC switch, is there any 1NO+1NC block ? and if we move over closing position, is ther any affect on trip position or vice versa?    0  4
how to select electrical equipment such as fuse,dg,transformer,motor,msb,wire,cable as per the connecting load..please mention any books to design,take licence    0  7
what is protections used for 6.6kv ht motor    0  6
What is voltageĀ     1  9
which of the following elements is not present in stainless steel    0  5
for 4 MVA , 33K.V/6.6K.V transformer. secondary side the connected load is 3000H.P. What is the rating of capacitor bank to be insttaled.    0  7
why the voltage and current in a long transmission line are called travelling wave?    0  6
Transformer calculation    1  11
Please mention any books for electrical design load calculation for industrial,commercial(to select cable,breaker,bus bar,stator,)    0  10
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Un-Answered Questions
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can you please send me the technical questions and aptitude questions of honeywell and jindal steel electrical engg. question paper my e-mail ID is( 157
What it the purpose of parallel phasing transfomers?? 106
Working of microwave oven? 129
sail kaott diploma ece ke interviw me qus.kis parkar ke aate hai aur G.S me kya puchate hai kya sameedyaan me kis parkar ke qu.puchate hai 348
Hi friends, i m electrical engineer i want a cdr for migration purpose so anybody have information about this then send me on try to me 138
How to test the vector group of a Yd11 transformer? what are the relations to be checked between various vectors to confirm this vector group? 1134
hi if anybody got model questions for cpcl Grade'A' electrical engineer position.send it to my mail please 173
what questions are asked in the interview for the post of an electrical maintenance engineer in FMCG companies? 208
i m in need of current rating chart of heavy duty pvc/xlpe, cu/al cables. can somebody provide me? if yes, plz send me at 237
How generating electric power export to grid from the generating station ? 135
Why we use auxillary relay ? what is function of differential relay, directional o/c relay? 152
What is the gross weight to copper ratio in slip ring induction motor of 4000 HP,6.6 kv, 372amp, 992 rpm GE motor. 296
sir, i am 3 years diploma course pass out candidate.what type of certificate can i got in marine service. 221
dear all, How do i increase UPS (1000VA)backup time ? i have connected 2 12v wold you please 120 aH battery externally. ups charge the lead acid battery only 12.7 volt. backup time only 10.00 minuts and gose off. can any one of you help me? 162
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