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why is the size of earth conductor is half of phase conductor.    0  4
How power is transferred from one winding to another in an auto-transformer? A) electrically B) magnetically C( both a & b D) neither of above    1  4
why reactor is connected before capacitor in APFC panel    1  6
area control error    0  3
please let me know , we have installed two separate motor for fire fighting system 1) 60 hp and 2) 15 hp the load is 74 AMPS and 20 AMPS then tell me the main power cable in Aluminum will be what thickness , the length is 225 mt from the main utility to fire pump house    0  3
Why neutral cable carry current.    0  9
how many ht 11 kv cable size for 11kv 2000 kva 11kv*433v transformer ?    2  15
How to calculate the size of earth cable to earth the neutral of UPS ?    0  10
Please provided formula for calculate the cable size from step up transformer to M.V panel, run overhead aluminum cables, total load is 5mega watt, total length 900 feet.    0  10
We are designer please help me calculate the size of 11kv cables from step up transformer to M.V panel, total load is 5 mega watt distance 900 feet (used aluminum type cables) please provided formula for calculate the cable with example.    0  10
I just purchased a 4 position cam switch to be used to operate a 3-speed blower motor. The motor is a 10 amp motor and has 3 wires that are used to control speed. The cam switch was rated at 660V 20 amps but when I received it, I noticed that it has AC-15 operational current rating (Ie) of 4/5 amps. If I am reading the label correctly. the 4/5 amps is related to 440v/220V (Ue). Other ratings are AC-3: 5.5A, AC2: 7.5A and AC-4: 1.5A. My questions are 1) Is it safe to use this switch with the motor I have 2) what is the difference between the 20 amp Ith ratting and the Ie operational ratings?    0  10
best manufacturer for busbar for outdoor switchyard having double bus bar scheme, can any one share technical specification of busbar. 132kv voltage ?    0  13
In Single Phase AC Supply,If Voltage between Phase and Neutral is 230V means what will be the Voltage between Phase and Earth?    1  17
how to calculate total load in a villa?    0  13
Which protection detects both AC and DC?    2  22
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Un-Answered Questions
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what work will do diffrential realay DG set 1060
Is there any scope for an electrical engineer in MRF company...... 317
why we need to us lenz's law for synchornous motor 596
lamination figures 308
is the value of inductance depends upon the evalue of thitha in doubly excited machine? 287
if z transform lies in ROC then. a)system is stable b)inverse of system is stable c)both system and its inverse are stable. 60
what is the difference between an alternator and a synchronous motor 418
I need to connect a synchronous generator to the grid using automatic synchronization and two circuit breakers (one for synchronization, one for end connection to the grid), how to determinate the required diameter of the cables? 531
What are the differences between single phase and three phase? 250
how point on wave controller works. 719
How to calculate impedance volt in Transformer? 378
What are the function of different components of servo motor? 343
If we use 250A MCCB as a incomer in Control panel for a fault level of 50kA for one second ,assuming temperature rise from 85 Deg. to 100 Deg , Then what will be the Aluminium Bus-bar size for 250A MCCB? Explain in detail. 173
why we change the direction of winding in rotor ?how we make the north and south pole? 436
why the neutral point in connnection oscillates? 591
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