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what happens when a dc shunt motor fed with an alternating suppy ?    0  3
How to calculate the cross section area for a 350 m cable, motor power is 26 kw???    0  6
what is the significant for using two types of voltage(line voltage & phase voltage)    0  4
What is the physical significant of power factor?    0  5
Can I use star delta connected induction motor for dual supply voltage?    0  6
difference between converter and invertor    1  10
I had finished D.E.E.E at 2004,I wish to take C license.I am working pvt company HT supply but my professional certificate was missing.I have diploma & course completed certificate.without professinel may I got c license?.pls guide me.    0  7
Why we use ups battery and dsdb battery in thermal power plant    0  10
Differance between power circuit and control circuit    1  12
What is different type of Electrical curve and how it protects the equipment's while up-normal situation?    0  5
how to compute kAIC?  with formulas...    0  10
Dear Sir I am living in Jaipur Rajasthan  now I did complete my b tech degree in electrical engineering in 2012  Sir how I gate certificate of competency for electrical supervisor    0  9
Dear all, how we select the cable size according  to current with or without including different correction factor , is there any direct method for sizing of cable...     0  11
how to estimate wiring ins roughing ins. and boxes    0  9
what is meaning of bus riser    0  11
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Un-Answered Questions
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The armature of shunt dc motor has 0.8ohm resistance and motor is to run on 120V circuit.If motor is suddenly thrown on circuit while armature at standstill then current drawn by motor will be??Also back emf in normal running is 110V 115
What is the procedure/activities to be taken to inject the current more than 2000A by using 2000A Loading Transformer? 129
how i chosse capacitor bank if my energy meter is 48 kvr? tell me capacitor bank chossen formula? 212
how to measure dc earth leakage current? 406
What will be in Mahagenco Trade Test Exam? I want to know the same. 537
why we testing the core balance of the transformer before comissioning? 192
raleigh method 190
what is the significance of terminal voltage and phase sequence in the operation of paralleling of two generators? 191
High voltage test procedure of in swgr board. why should measure millivolt drop on testing time? 177
how to select the isolation tranformer for siemens 802dsl cnotroller 102
hi this is hema can anyone mail me previous years questions for the APPSC-A.E.E (in electrical stream.) ......thank u. 185
can any one know is sbi interview based on merit or based on roll number 155
what type of questions are asked and howmwny questions belong this catagory? 234
How PSV sizing being done 314
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