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i need to calculate high voltage line power factor daily basics but there is meter reading kwh and kvah while calculating power factor kwh/kvah formula was right. for examble there is point c=13kwh c=1.8 lag c=1.2 lead and c=14.5kvah like that i know that p.f =kwh/kvah but c=1.8lag kvarh and c=1.2lead kvarh points i dont know if u know please reply    0  1
why multiplying factor is used in wattmeter???    0  1
How they LT panel busbar size choose    0  3
How do ACB are maintenance, what are the problem occurred in ACB    0  3
what is RR number Abbreviation energy meter    0  4
what is the safety of VCB.    0  4
I have experienced electrical maintenance HT ,but I completed be ECE ....can I apply c license or not ???? Pls help me friend s...    0  9
I have 10 amp MCB for my air conditioner of 1.5 ton capacity. When I connect the ac direct it is started running but when connected through stabliser the Mcb Get trip and air conditioner couldn't start.please confirm whether Mcb is required to be upgraded to 20 amp. There is no fault in ac and the stabliser. Please advice the reason of tripping the mcb when connected through the stabliser.    1  25
Why reverse relay used    2  56
How relay works, reverse relay, master relay, os relay, earth fault relay and what is its setting point    0  17
What is the mmf,rgt and ngt please brief completely    0  17
On what basis the the size of Lightning arrester for buildings are selected ?    0  16
what is the problem when i want to close a circuit breaker by local position it closes well.but when i close it in remote position it trips    0  17
i have a motor 55kw how u will calculate cable specification for this motor    0  48
What is difference between Sample test and Routine test in safety standard?    0  43
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how the characterstics of control valve being done 291
what is maxemo work permit procedure 322
what is PWM in IGBT and how it works for drive.? 98
Why AC current leads voltage in capacitor and how? 390
What is EHT tariff or Power factor Tariff ???? 661
Write down the name of 2 lady Bir Pratin of Bangladesh 384
Draw the vector diagramme for Asynchronous Induction Generator at noload,half load and fullload. 416
what is the difference between oil surge relay and buchholz relay. 2277
ACB & VCB how do work and saftes and how can maintenance in this and parts name show with picture 483
I need bhel electrical test pattern & paper 367
What is the vector group of a transformer,how can it be found out? 434
what is the saturation point of crgo lamination. 352
how do you test tachos and servos 380
hr round 550
What is dynamo?How it works and what is the function of dynamo in a DG. 1049
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