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How can one connect three source of electricity in a house..the source are 2 gen and one electricity.    2  2
Where is the best place to mount  distribution panel in a house.    0  3
function of apfc pannel    0  2
What will happen when we will connect lamp in between phase and earth.     0  2
in catridge heeter  watts =110, 260 v ,  i checked in multimeeter meeter shows 50 ohms but oms law r=v square /w  260*260=67600, and 67600/110=614.5 ohms  how to caluclate exact ohms in heetre s     0  2
why we used dc supply for field in dg set    0  3
What is the difference between surge arrestor and surge capacitor?    0  5
what are upstream faults and downstream faults in power system    1  9
What is the function of NER and NET?    0  7
Why we use Delta connection in the secondary side of a High Voltage transformer?    0  7
If any cable burnt how can we identify it burnt by high current of high voltage?     0  7
Why we use 4-20 mA Analog signal for the PLC input? Why not 0-20 mA? Why not 5-25 mA?    0  7
how to interlock 3 incomer-ACB,1 buscoupler ACB,... pls answer this question and if possible send me the ckt    0  7
why do we provide metallic enclosure to bus duct and then ground it?    1  11
Practical condition in 400KV Sub station:- Breaker(open) , isolator(open), Earthing (close) at both end e.g A & B. Now Open A Stn Earthing than Open B stn Earthing (Which have a 50MVA reactor) , AND suddenly show R,Y,B phase 704KV,573KV,118KV respectively. Que is without closing of breaker how it is possible.???? My Whats app No:07621840498 for Further Discussion. Pls experts suggest.    0  7
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is meant by Im=30mA@Vk/2. How to know the kee point voltage for CT design 197
Is there possible to Test Transformer for Overfluxing Capability. Or is there any firm who does Overfluxing Test on Transformer? 315
what is the difference between neutral and earth 138
why we can use 1 to 5V dc 172
what is counter poise conductors 166
what is the range of thermal overload and over current. Answer should be in percentage of current. 196
why does the magnetic balance tests at transformer? 135
please send me the previous year's question papers of jindal GET exams 4073
How harmonic block test are conducted on relays ( Siemens,Areva ect )power transformer using omicron kit? 210
Two liquids hot and cold in two vessels are there and an metal bar acts as a conductor of heat between the two vessels. what happens then. what happens after 24 hrs? 199
importance of reactive power management 264
Pl. give me checklist for installation & commissioning of machine tool. 352
what is invertor supply and raw powersupply 155
How to calculate the value of earth capacitance in a transmission line. 264
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