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on 22.03.2015 at 17:15hrs Y phase 66kV class Power Trf-2 Current transformer has flashed over and oil came out. The failed CT has been replaced on 24.03.2015 at 13:15hrs and the Trf has been charged in presence of RT Hassan after conducting the pre-commissioning tests. On the same day at 17:00hrs the commissioned CT has again flashed over and immediately the Trf  has been isolated from power supply. It is confirmed the secondary is not opened and checked the earth integrity and is found ok. Here what would be the reason for the CT failure?     0  2
Why winding temperature ct placed in B-Phase of the transformers??     0  3
why starting current is high and resistance is almost 0 during the starting of motor dc motor...?    0  3
is it possible to have dc motors on single chip    0  6
i have completed deee and i've (June2012-feb 2015 experience in electrical maintenance in pvt ltd having HT & LT electrical to apply electrical C-license ,NOW I was resigned my job,what are requirements of applying for c-license    0  6
How i measured Bus bars weight without wighting ?    1  8
If Earthing is poor in a DB of of Residential Building, will residents feel a leakage voltage in a Electrical Ssytem? is this statement true?    0  6
what is an invertor A.C.?    1  9
Sir, I completed DEEE... And now I working in TNEB for one year apprenticeship. If I eligible for applying c license and how can I get?    1  7
Which. Type of motor used in. Fan    9  19
what is the meaning of spur line?    1  9
what is safety of ups    0  9
what is the function of gss in the dg set.    0  8
what is the standard duration after failure EB power    0  8
Explain REF protection and sbef protection in transformer?    0  7
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whenever any squirrel or a crow falls on the transformer input line then there is a big explosion and 440 volts of power is being discharged through the neutral line due to which appliances in off mode are also burned.we have earthing for the transformer as well as the bus bar chamber.why is it happening? 181
In case of salient pole alternator when number of poles are 4 or more than 4 it helps the flux wave to be sinusoid as air gap length is increased from center to tip , but if the number of poles are 2 how does the flux wave is sinusoidal? 438
im working in one private compeny in gujarat. i was complet diploma electric in 2010 from gujarat technical board. now i want electric supervisor licence in gujarat but i dont't know when i apply? plz give me address of the licence dippartment office in gujarat. gandhinagar 288
Stator of 3-phase IM has 3 slots per pole per phase. If supply frequency is 50 Hz, calculate the speed of rotating stator flux A 1000 rpm B 500 rpm C 1500 rpm D 1440 rpm 286
2. Modify your design in question 1.a so that the circuit works according to the following function table X Y F 0 0 Clear 0 1 No Change 1 0 Parallel Loading 1 1 Count 3. Design a circuit that detects the pattern 010 in a serial input X considering: 3.a Overlapping 3.b No overlapping 262
we have a rewind motor of 2Hp,2800Rpm, 220Volt AC. how can we choose the running capacitor for this motor, any formula for that? 125
what is rating boiler 278
what is the requirement regarding earthing of Single conductor with AWA 375
Explain M Var? Which types of problem occurs when reactive power increase at the time of full load of plant and at the time of synchronize of plant? 281
What are the protection required for Transformer, motor, Line, Generator, capacitor, that all i have to refer which standard?(Like Transformer detail IS 2026) 256
WHAT IS counter flux IN CT? 251
temp of cast resin 1500kva tx formerwent up to 138.c but came down very fast to about 100.c within 20 mins when load was reduced from 70% to 60% 334
What is effect on in zone and out zone fault if CT chosen for phase side is Vk/2<5mA and Neutral side is Vk/2<15mA on REF protection of Transformer 455
IS there any special instructions to be taken while installing the tranformer. 224
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