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why a pilot exciter is used in combination with the main exciter? why not only a main exciter is used for excitation to an alternator?    0  4
what is active power and rective power and power factor    0  2
What are books to be referred for KPTCL exam?    0  2
Difference between transition and diffusion capacitance    0  4
why the secondary current transformer cannot left open    1  5
Difference between drift current and diffusion current?    0  4
I completed iti in2004 I was worked in A grade contractor can I get c licence    0  5
at work we have a 3 phase motor but on testing one phase isnt getting a reading. it runs 24 hours a day all week. stops and starts well no noise or heating. the phase isnt down to it just a bad meter reading or not? phases one and three came up with a resistance reading of 0.4 but phase 2 couldnt get anything shows up as open circuit.    0  5
How to test IR testing & magnetic balance test    0  6
What if high voltage side circuit breaker of a ehv transformer instead of lvcb? Kindly elaborate.    0  8
Safety of on line ups    0  8
How many type of ht insulator with name    0  7
what is the reason the main breaker is trip during the motor is running? (some time the breaker is not trip)    0  9
What are the protections for HT Motors?    0  10
If a HV Underground Cable (13.8KV) is layed in the ground below 1.5 Mtrs and any building construction is done on the Cable route. IS this allowable or Not? What should be the clearance. As per ISO construction on HV cable route is safe or Not? Why? Can any body suggest the site for my question?    0  7
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Un-Answered Questions
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1.why we are using blocks in withoutgaplightning arrester 2.why we ar using bushing in withoutgap lightning arrestor 241
Inductor and capacitor........power in one phase and ...... in it another phase. 271
what is KSR type transmission tower? What is LSR type transmission tower? 962
What is difference between slip rings and carbon burushes? 5867
how to find the starting current of the motor? 302
What is difference between 3 point and 4 point starter 1022
How will calculate losses in an multi core Aluminium LT cable of different sizes & upto what length we can use a LT Cable ? 515
A 3 phase motor operating off 415V system is developing 20Kw at an efficiency of 0.77 and power factor of 0.73. determine:- a)the line current. b)the phase current if winding are delta connected. c)the phase voltage if winding are star connected. 489
while running ,synchronous generator is being turned off.what will happen to the current flow?? 330
how to flameproof electrical motor on the shaft? 301
what happens when you connect a.c and d.c supplies 236
what is conductor constant of raccun conductor 374
Write the Name of 7 Birsrestho of Bangladesh with their designation 1841
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