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on which power factor synchronous motor run    0  1
FACP Means    0  2
In pakistan appliances work on 220v at 50hz and in us appliances work on 110v at 60hz what is basic theory to explain it    0  2
how nautral is provided for return path is 3 phase induction motor    0  2
AMF (auto mains failure) control for DG sets at home.    1  3
explain types of electric welding and its applications    0  3
explain the mode of metal iranafer in Co,welding    0  2
briefly explain principle of resistance welding    0  2
with help of neat sketch explain principle of TIG welding process    0  2
what are the applications of TIG welding    0  2
what is destructive and non-destructive testing of welding    0  3
What is self exciting?    0  3
What is the mechanism of WTI    0  4
Is it really necessary to have reactive power in transmission line to transfer the power from one place to other?    0  4
what is the chemical reaction of solt and charcoal in ear thing?    0  4
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Un-Answered Questions
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how many electricity poles are there and what are the names and their sizes. 289
what is the clear formula to calculate cable size for a load 300
why don't we use the generator as a motor? and what will happen? 83
If you don’t have coal, salt and copper, then how would you earth your connection temporarily at a camp site.? 406
electrical 389
If I bring a basic electric meter from the States and hook it up in Costa Rica in a development that has only one transformer for the 50 homes, will it still be accurate regarding the usage of kilowatt hours? 260
What is magneto on a gas generator. how it functions. its out put is d.c or a.c. how it can be checked for correct functioning 294
what is the difference between earthing and unearth 833
how can i change the rotation of the AC single phase induction motor and show me by diagram 151
one split ac how can told of this ac which Tr tell me us 339
Can we transmit digital signal to long distance ? 263
what can be the causes of capacitor start motor having a higher current that its actual 251
What is the mechanism of WTI 4
Difference between on line capacitor and Station type capacitor 379
What are capacitive,resistive,inductive surge absorbation? What is ferranti surge absorber? What is lagrangian cost? What is Px operator? 303
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