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 Categories >> Engineering >> Electronics Communications
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ongc previous year question paper for assistant technician electronics    0  8
how i prepare interview for placement in IT companies tcs   0  30
introduce your self drdo   0  26
how many types of storage classes in c and embedded c hella   1  45
what is the use of c language? tcs   2  60
explain the trasistor sizing procedure for a four inputNOR and four input NAND Gate?    0  30
difference between amplitude modulation and frequency modulation    3  59
types of modulation and their differences    2  61
what is the practical diffference between antenna gain and efficiency?    0  32
how modulation reduces the height of antenna?    1  53
what is meant by frequency translation?    0  32
what is the meaning of 8051 microcontroller    4  75
Name the type of AM used in TV picture transmission?why it is used.    2  78
What is the differance between synchronous&asynchronous? infosys   1  78
What is the meaning of '8085' in the name microprocessor 8085? campus-interview   2  93
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is the difference between microprocessor and DSP? 221
Could somone help to get the detailed notes for telecom testing.please contact me on 314
what is meant by frequency translation? 32
What is Not-So-Stubby (NSSA)in Open Shortest Path First? 188
Consider a fixed subnet partition of a class B network number that will accommodate at least 76 networks. How many hosts can be on each network? Also mention how you calculated that. 260
I applied for Airport Authority of india's Jr Executive (Electronics & ATC).So please anybody Guide & Send me the Previous Questions and syllabus of written Test? My mailID 514
When the two inputs of a multiplier are connected together, the device operates as a A Voltage doubler B Square root circuit C Squaring circuit D Averaging circuit 55
Which frequencies can't be used reliable beyond the horizon terrestrial communication without repeaters? 360
Give more than 15 points for the praical application of demux??? 144
How many RRI we can use in One BTS? 215
self supporting course and sandwich course are same 203
what FET were we use its 218
how can i get old question papers and solved problems of vtu university karnataka...... if u know plz do reply 1032
Desktop comes in which layer?... 159
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