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explain osi model???    1  6
explain sampling theorem??    0  6
explain call flow in gsm???    0  5
write a C programme to print all the strong numbers below 10000..    0  7
how either analog or digital transmitted through fiber optic cables in the form light signal?    0  10
Is the output power different from input power.?  rated input voltage” Is that the voltage we give to the driver or the voltage which comes out from the driver?    0  18
What is barrial  shifter and how it works?    1  46
what is electronics    6  4437
what is the significance of 4-20ma signal in hart protocol    2  1049
jkms flip flop applications    2  1751
What is skin effect?    1  2665
Which modulation is good for Radio Broadcasting. AM(Amplitude Modulation) or FM(Frequency Modulation)?    5  4476
what is the uses of VSB?    1  2352
transformer works only on    5  4822
how to determine AC frequency through hardware ?    0  985
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Un-Answered Questions
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interface an 8-pin switch with 8085 microprocessor located at 0AAH and LEDs at port 55H, draw the circuit diagram. Write down a program to read the switches and do the following: > if the parity of the switch is odd, start counting upward until it reaches 0FFH. > if the parity of the switch is even, start counting downwards until it reaches 00H. 622
what is meant by procedure oriented n object oriented 272
A thread has to access the address space of all other threads in the same process and can therefore mess up the stacks of other threads. Why is this not a protection problem? Could the same be allowed to occur for processes, e.g. one process writing data into the stack of other. 326
construction of current tranformer 262
what must be the kind of test on innovatronix 481
A good op-amp has A Very high bandwidth B Narrow bandwidth C High selectivity D All of these 220
In a sales interview if a person ask us how would you be able to sell our products in this recesion. How would i have to respond them. 257
What are the KPI that decides the capacity expansion of SGSN/MME? 1466
i cleared the written xam. for the post of atc now what i am going to prepare for the interview me i dnt wanna loose this organisation bcoz its my dream company 455
last Airforce test paper 426
Can any one share the training will be in Viven embedded academy Hyderabad for Advanced embedded systems course??? 458
Alcatel&Lucent Bts 455
I applied for Airport Authority of india's Jr Executive (Electronics & ATC).So please anybody Guide & Send me the Previous Questions and syllabus of written Test? My mailID 667
define break freq? 313
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