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How WDM works in wireless we say that it works in optical and signals transmitted in this are light signals...??    0  4
tell me about favourie colour?    0  7
i want to know fire safety factory purpose .. does fire mauual call point requires hooter or mcp has inbuilt siren...???    0  13
why -48V is used in BTS?    0  17
What is PLC ? How it is useful in automations ?    1  27
I am graduate in ECE, and looking for a linux server admin course. Will that be beneficial for me. Or shall I opt for any other course like software testing? Please suggest me.    0  12
with the aid of diagrams explain pulse modulation,pulse position modulation and pulse amplitude modulation    1  23
Why would the files on hard drive stores temporarily but not permanent?    0  12
What is different between EPABX and PBX    0  11
Pl. Brief about DNC.    0  16
How to E1 cable get 2.046 mbps.    0  26
What are the difference between UPS and VFD    1  85
Hi, sir. im in need of placement questions to train myself as a professional engineer. this is my kind request.    0  68
Why inductor reverses its polarity why not capacitor while discharging evenif both are charge storing element?    1  179
why we use chopper circuit in TV ?    0  117
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is the maximum delay gnerated by 555timer and why? 646
please explain the meaning of "In GSM only 30 or 35 peoples can call at at time in a singal carrier but In CDMA apprx 70 peoples can call in a singal carrier at a time.".......... 357
What is the protocol ? 2014
hello sir, could u plz send me a sample placement paper for hpcl trainee engg exam..(electrical stream)...hoping to hear from u at the earliest 249
A PLL maintains lock by comparing A The phase of two signals B The frequency of two signals C The amplitude of two signals D None of these 255
What is the difference between microprocessor and DSP? 460
Is the stealth technology is based on the "Reflection coefficient of the material? What are the other factors that affect to optimize this technology 284
Suppose you have been asked to design one electronic circuit then starting from basic what procedure do you follow?It should include all standard industrial measures. Please reply.Thanks. 270
explain construction of lvdt? 531
Could somone help to get the detailed notes for telecom testing.please contact me on 609
What is a diagnostic system check? 408
When the two inputs of a multiplier are connected together, the device operates as a A Voltage doubler B Square root circuit C Squaring circuit D Averaging circuit 178
i am btch 4th semester ece student.i want to get idea 6th month indistrial tranning and job in tcs. 397
why we call vestigial side band(VSB) as c3f? 435
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