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 Categories >> Engineering >> Electronics Communications
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how i prepare interview for placement in IT companies tcs   2  10
introduce your self drdo   0  11
how many types of storage classes in c and embedded c hella   1  19
what is the use of c language? tcs   2  24
explain the trasistor sizing procedure for a four inputNOR and four input NAND Gate?    0  22
difference between amplitude modulation and frequency modulation    3  34
types of modulation and their differences    2  29
what is the practical diffference between antenna gain and efficiency?    0  22
how modulation reduces the height of antenna?    1  28
what is meant by frequency translation?    0  17
what is the meaning of 8051 microcontroller    4  43
Name the type of AM used in TV picture transmission?why it is used.    2  56
What is the differance between synchronous&asynchronous? infosys   1  57
What is the meaning of '8085' in the name microprocessor 8085? campus-interview   2  65
what is microprocessor and microcontroller    1  49
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Un-Answered Questions
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How to Implement Floating point Arthemtic on A fixed point machine? 542
How many total no of channel bypass in one BTS. 142
wat you mean by harmonics? why you r using isolation transformer in digital ups or in normal means igbt ups? 222
The amount of carbon present in Cast Iron 227
I have applied for the post of Assistant Instrumentation Engneer in IOCL and need urgently IOCL sample paper please help me. 199
how the silicon knows 0's and 1's... 139
Iwant the old question paper for J.E(Tele.Signal). 242
In Telecom, While call set up what are the Masseges will flow from all network element to each other. 155
why sometimes PF value have an negative sign? 178
write a program in c++ for finding the given no. is odd or even without using any airthmatic operater? 170
Explain the different steps of Commissioning. 146
Why every time that I hit the microphone or when I speak louder the amplifier is switched of? 149
What is the feature’s in Group Policy? What is DNS? what is the use of DNS? 158
which is the syllabus of the ongc next month exam pls send me on my mail id.. 186
what is the necessity of phase locked loop in amplitude modulation systems ? 248
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