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what is sum of 1 and 2?    1  19
im an electronics and communication engineering..i have to attend an interview based on contract basis.i kindly request u to send all possible questions to my mail. MY EMAIL ID IS    0  10
* ** *12* *123* *1234* *12345* *123456* ********    0  17
1 *2 1*3 *2*4 1*3*5 *2*4*6    0  15
what is work of eoca card in nokia flexi EDGE BTS?    0  19
what happen when the rectifier circuit is connect with the tube light?    0  26
what is the operation involved in tubelight?    0  18
what is the use of choke and starter in the tubelight?    0  19
what is rectifier circuit?    2  33
How many hours did the fuse tubelight glow after it connect it to the rectifier circuit?    0  15
define UPS's working principle ?    1  38
How WDM works in wireless we say that it works in optical and signals transmitted in this are light signals...??    0  25
tell me about favourie colour?    0  28
i want to know fire safety factory purpose .. does fire mauual call point requires hooter or mcp has inbuilt siren...???    0  31
why -48V is used in BTS?    0  37
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is the impact of 3GDT in SGSN? 1323
What is the use of Testing framework in Automated testing..what are different kinds of Testing frameworks available in Automated testing.. 420
The property of a metal that is determined by the indentation on a metal surface 444
what is the minimum and maximam trace width in PCB design? why trace is measured in mils? what is the use of via? why the crystal oscillator is placed near chip? 562
when the generator running trip by earth current even though engine all so shut down the problem showing gcs waring and emergency trip there after starting always gcs locked out what is the problem [this is cummins qsk 23 electronic controle module governer 344
How many un-protected FlexiHopper links can be operated with one FIU19(E) with Flexbus plug-in unit? 375
if i get a job in bsc .what are the main key duties to handle 436
hii m persuing b-tech.i just pass 2nd year.pls tell me what are the ways to join BARC. 303
1. What is leakage current? 2. Transistor VI characters? Explain. 3. What is dc load line? 4. Differential amplifier circuit. 5. Recursive interrupts. 6. Diagram case microcontroller and Eprom 7. Use of grey code? 8. Design counter from 1 to 11. 9. Characteristic impedence?Z0 value of probe used in lab. 10. 3 input TTL logic. 11. What is Pseudo random sequence? Why it is called so? 12. What is stack? 13. Different types of voltage regulation? 526
What is the difference between CAT 5e communication cable & CAT4 Communication cable 335
Plot the pixel histogram( take any image) – count of values versus pixel intensity 0 to 255. You must write this from first principles – do not use the MATLAB hist command (although you may use it for comparison and checking your algorithm’s correctness). Plot the cumulative histogram. Do not use the cumsum function in MATLAB (write your own function to achieve this). 420
Actually i am new to vhdl, i want to know how to declare the procedure and how to call the procedure in test bench for VHDL.... Please send answer for that...? 309
temperature transmitter range o to 100c over range set value 21.6ma if you give source on the field transmitter showing iop out put also 21.6ma but dcs not showing iop samething if you simulat from hart 21.6ma in dcs showing iop how its possible? 809
i m i n3rd ye of btech EC branch and have been placed in sftware company..wat sghd i do to improve my skills in 4th yr..i have a gd academic background. 1561
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