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How to E1 cable get 2.046 mbps.    0  5
What are the difference between UPS and VFD    1  39
Hi, sir. im in need of placement questions to train myself as a professional engineer. this is my kind request.    0  56
Why inductor reverses its polarity why not capacitor while discharging evenif both are charge storing element?    1  143
why we use chopper circuit in TV ?    0  93
Explain the difference between JK Flip Flop and Master slave JK Flip flop.    1  246
what is PLC? how can they work? Is there any possiblity to replace it?    1  101
A noiseless 8kHz channel is sampled every 1msec. What is the maximum data rate?    1  115
A channel has a bit rate of 4kbps and a propagation delay of 20msec. For what range of frame sizes does stop-and-wait give an efficiency of at least 50%    0  42
What is Banked Register in Arm 7?    0  73
Loop check when we do ???before solo run test or dis two activities not related .plz explain me    0  69
IP based EPABX system    0  74
What is scada    2  398
why do we use soft starters    0  76
how does a soft starter works    0  66
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Un-Answered Questions
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plz tll me wch area i will prepare 4 IOCL EXAM............ 338
10 bit A/D converters,the quantization error in % is?? 1470
what is the role of electronics,communication engg. in IT industry? 1545
If a square wave is integrated by integrator using op-amp, the output is A Triangular wave B Ramp C Sine Wave D None of these 204
please guide me from where I got semple of written test solved paper 338
y u looking for a job in it field sinc u r a ece graduate. 844
equation for pid controller? 361
What is Cycling Frequency Hopping? 580
im an electronics and communication engineering..i have to attend an interview based on contract basis.i kindly request u to send all possible questions to my mail...its 370
Explain Speech Coding. 1635
What do you mean by traffic profile? 1348
Each Electronics Exchange operates on -48 volt. What is the reason that exchange operates only -48 volt DC? 332
I heard that Apple's laptop usese micro controler whereas others use microprocessors... i learnt tat.. micro controller is nothing but an association of microprocesor with other elements like temperature sensor,timer etc...can anyone explain me this much more in simpler words... 309
which modulation is better in terms of power and bandwidth angle or amplitude modulation ??? 480
sir, pls send me 5 year previous question papers of RRB- Junior Engineer-GrII to my mail id 440
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