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explain double side band and double side band -substrace carrier    0  14
why dont call datareader is backward    0  26
what do you mean by a bulb having 200W,230V supply?    1  147
why current flow through conductor not insulator    1  149
compare the delay in sending x-bit msg over k-hop path in ckt switched nw nin lightil loaded packet swithed nw. the ckt setup time is s per hop,the packet size is p bits n data rate is' b' bps under what condition does packet nw have lower delay?    0  40
explain osi model???    1  315
explain sampling theorem??    2  197
explain call flow in gsm???    0  102
write a C programme to print all the strong numbers below 10000..    0  89
how either analog or digital transmitted through fiber optic cables in the form light signal?    1  204
Is the output power different from input power.?  rated input voltage” Is that the voltage we give to the driver or the voltage which comes out from the driver?    0  83
What is barrial  shifter and how it works?    1  424
what is electronics    8  5126
what is the significance of 4-20ma signal in hart protocol    2  1312
jkms flip flop applications    2  2029
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Un-Answered Questions
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sir,please send me the questions and syllabus for ongc technical assistant exam for electronics and comm 517
I applied for Airport Authority of india's Jr Executive (Electronics & ATC).So please anybody Guide & Send me the Previous Questions and syllabus of written Test? My mailID 685
"OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS MODEL" means what and what are the topics comes under these 562
Which type of devicesa used for detection of radio active field in side the reactor building? 383
i want assit.loco poilet sample papers 260
proff of ERLANG B formula??? 382
What do you mean by trim 464
write power supply application, manufacturing, advantages, cost 367
One FIU19(E) Flexbus LED is steadily on. What is the meaning? How can a Laptop PC be locally connected to a FIU19E? What is the maximum capacity of a FlexiHopper radio link operated by a FIU19(E), that is equipped with two 4x2M plug- in units? Which of the listed combination of indoor units support 568
what is a static variable...wht is the size when u give sizeof(struct) 432
hai i need bhel model question paper for supervisor plz send this mail id 361
6. When Abis link is down, name the alarm that is generated at BSC 277
please provide me the previous technical papers for ece branch conducted by hpcl 545
i am b.sec with PCM now what can i do for higher education 362
please somebody who have asked questions related to electronic and communication eng siemens 2010-2012 post here 292
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