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I went to Germany for my masters and stayed there for 1.5 months. Due to personal reasons I came back to india and I want to apply for student visa for USA..will there be any issues?    0  9
1. Ray writes a two digit number.  He sees that the number exceeds 4 times the sum of its digits by 3.  If the number is increased by 18, the result is the same as the number formed by reversing the digits.  Find the number.  a) 35 b) 42 c) 49 d) 57    1  16
Hiiii....Friends Which one is right? 1.All transducers are sensors but all sensors are not transducers.(or) 2.All sensors are transducers but all transducers are not sensors..... Plzzzz tel me guys...thank u in advance...    1  18
Can any one share the training will be in Viven embedded academy Hyderabad for Advanced embedded systems course???    0  13
what is tha address of program counter ?    0  26
What is a scrambler? Explain its operation    0  21
Is M-ary PSK bandwidth efficient or power efficient    0  12
ongc previous year question paper for assistant technician electronics    0  31
how i prepare interview for placement in IT companies tcs   0  60
introduce your self drdo   0  50
how many types of storage classes in c and embedded c hella   1  86
what is the use of c language? tcs   2  104
explain the trasistor sizing procedure for a four inputNOR and four input NAND Gate?    0  47
difference between amplitude modulation and frequency modulation    5  104
types of modulation and their differences    2  99
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difference between pre silicon debug and post silicon debug 122
I gave interviews for infosys and accenture in my college after which my college said I was selected in infosys. After some days I got a mail from accenture that we have dispatched the offer letter to ur college. I talked to my training officer and he is not ready to give me my letter. So how do i contact them to get my letter online ? 433
write a program which calculates the frequency of a number between n maximum number 152
pls. send me 10 years modle papers for the post of section engg. (E&C) in rrb ajmer, at my mail id i.e. 169
Plz send me some sample papers on OCES papers. I am appearing in OCES/DGFS-2009.Plz inform me by my emailid- 1147
i want RRB chennai section engineer model papers &previous years papers including GK, ARITHEMETIC, REASONING, GENERAL ENGLISH IN THE YEAR 2005,2006,2007, 2008. 339
what is E1 ? and how this is work,what is data rate of 1 one E1 and why? 536
What is the simplest way to maintain the "power factor" of any system? if you have many methods specify all! 223
i want BHEL electronics and communication placement papers. 1557
describe the various addressing modes of 8085 processor, also provide an example of each. 35
What are the maintenances of SCADA ? 144
write a programme to identify the biggest number from the given three numbers with out using of relational operators 108
box 1 contain odd value X or Y the box 2 =X i.e 7 or 12 box 3= Y has value 19 if X is 7 or 31 if x is 12 get even value X or Y Use any operator steps allowed 3 355
hello! i am a new/fresh industrial electronics enginner ? I am going to have an interview on 10 May. What topics and questions should i study for the preparation of my interview and what will be the possible questions that one can ask from a fresh industrial electronics engineer ? 285
introduce your self 50
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