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What is the FE 250 structural steel of 8mm tk plate testing sample intervals with IS code or international code?    0  5
how to know the one way or two slab    1  5
IN Compression testing machine 1division =10KN ,then what is compressive strength of 100*100 mm cubes at a load of 320 KN    0  4
what is the length of a steel bar when it buy for the site????    2  7
What is the approx construction cost of 1 lac Sq.ft any place city or town?    0  5
What will be the crank length in an staircase is same like an slab?    0  5
what are the differences between shear wall and column    3  13
what is difference between characteristic compressive strength and compressive strength of concrete    1  14
please briefly explain calculating or estimating steel quantity for a RCC column?    0  11
What is the basic difference between OPC    0  10
why we used primmer in plumbing pipe??? and also what is SCH 80 AND SCH 40    0  8
Which tests are performed on soil to decide the type of foundation to be provided.    0  13
Why we add salt in silt content test of sand? Full reason ?    0  10
How much 1sqf area reinforcement formula    1  13
What should be the lap length in raft if height of raft is 0.800mm couldn't b 50D or 40D...we just have to join upper and bottom there any formula for determine it...    0  9
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is difference between NP2 NP3 NP4 CONCRETE HUME PIPES USED AT SITE 897
How many types bend used in civil reinforcing 1324
Process of pcc in wateredug 329
how much is the maximum compressive strength of soil cement and soil-cement-microsilica . 535
what is E <MOE> VALUE FOR WOOD 333
what is the maximum number of course that can be laid according to IS code and the max height. 324
what are the layers of the national and heir aprox thickness?? 353
how many time use of plywood shuttering and IS code 818
Civil engineering material testing Standard results 554
how much cement sand n bricks required in im3?and how much in plaster? 621
In foundation design, while we do the base pressure check, we normally check if the attained pressure value is less than the GROSS BEARING CAPACITY of the soil which is the sum of net bearing capacity of soil and the overburden pressure. Actually, the overburden pressure acts against the net bearing capacity of the soil and I feel that we are actually increasing the bearing capacity value and doing the check. I feel that this is NOT right. Please clarify on this. 465
how to diffenentiate the fixed beam and simply supported beam in the execution while reading the drawing and how the reinforcement detail will be differ for the above. 392
What is capicity of cap lock scffolding stander(vertical member) and ledger of different size? 585
Design a rectangular channel. 1109
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