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How can i find number of brichs required for given quantity of wall in m^3..    1  7
what is the size of shuttering?????    0  8
How to calculate quantity of cement , sand and granite from concrete mix ratio and volume of work    0  12
WHAT do mean by M-309    1  17
How to deduct block quantity from the slab quantity for concreting for slab.????    0  11
what is the weight of 1 meter iron road if its diameter is 20milimeter. 2.when we find the weight of 1meter iron road we help the following formula dxd162 .what is 162 plz tell me    1  14
one cricket ball through in chennai and jaipur same speed where bowl has fast speed    1  22
10 sq m ,25mm thickness 1:2:4 cement and concrete floor how much cement required?       2 , if truck has a capcacity of 8 ton then how many bricks we can put on it ?    1  25
how much % of cement can be replaced by flyash ....    2  27
i wanted to know the quantity of cement and water cement ratio for 150mm*150mm*150mm mould.Grade of concret m20    1  27
Why we take 162.2 in (d*d/162.2) to calculate weight of steel???    1  29
Definition of plinth beam & Uses.    0  20
what is tie beam? & its function . uses of tie beam.     0  22
What is the Oneday Productivity for 1 Skilled Carpenter and 1 Steel fixer?    1  26
I'm preparing to to build a simple house, but i don't know how to calculate how much cement, gravel and sand and hollow blocks i need to prepare. How many pcs of 4" or 6" hollow blocks I need for my planned 3mx6m house? thanks.     0  17
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Un-Answered Questions
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How Can I know the wastages(%) of each work added in estimating the quantity of construction materials?(Eg. Ceiling Work, Brick Work,etc....) 119
how to manage interview fear? and speak in english? 181
how beam.coloum ,slab, footing are designed as per indian code.. detail procedure? 411
How to decide/consider the grade of bitumen for dbm. 193
cud any one send me tech quest paper(civil engg) at 261
Draw the cross section of a boundary wall and label its part with detailing? 366
in 100 cft = 1350 bricks in 100 cft = ? bloks 68
1)Why we can use half brick in 4inch wall and 2)why not in 9+inch brick wall 116
strength vs shape factor 198
can you give me the details of rate analysis of steel and concrete? 411
how can calculate qty of steel required for one or two ways slabs.. 43
where i can get material costs on weekly basis 151
Describe the sections included in a typical bill of quantities 200
what is constat for brickwork 209
how to calculate the steel in 500yard 159
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