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Column is a compression member then why we provide reinforcement on column?    1  4
Water filter calculation formula    0  4
what happening if we casting HV shunt reactor foundation pad at 50cm height different time (One day difference)    0  5
What is the difference between gray swr pipe & red swr pipe    1  9
How much paint is required for 1sqm.?how to calculate the paint...?    0  8
How many jacks and props required for one floor, or tell me any know the approx jacks and props required.?    0  7
How we calculate the service time of buildings    0  10
is concealed wiring a problem in fly ash brick wall?    0  9
What is unit weight of roadway layer.. 1.bitumen 2.sand 3.soil 4.concrete 5. aggregate give me some reference for this answers    0  10
How to layout the site plot ? Method with explation    1  14
Terms Name the bars which is used in beam and colume ? Like starter bar etc.    0  8
As per Method of measurement how to calculate no of column stirrups (ie: upto slab bottom or beam bottom)    1  22
length where bent up is made in slab of bridge from one end    0  13
How to Calculate the spacing of bars if we use 12 mm dia. bars instead of 10 mm dia. bars. Whereas the 10 mm dia. bars spacing given 0.250 as pr drawing. ?    0  16
How to convert 0.44 N/MM2 in to Kgf/cm2    1  20
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Un-Answered Questions
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3. What are the disadvantages of your present job, things you do not like about it? 1050
Sir how to find cutting length for footing steel bars in the shape of "u" 109
100mm block work 64 bags of cement used 150mm block work 286 bags of cement used 200mm block work 20 bags of cement used patly work (M15) 293 bags of cement used mortar ratio is 1:5 how to calculate volume of sand in cum & no. of bags 799
plz drive the formula d2/162.162 for the calculation of weight of steel bars???? 9796
wat is the necessity of finding shear and bending moment in a structure. wat will happen if it is not consider. other than shear cracks and deflection is there any other failure happen. 403
how can economic during construction of a project. 407
how to read the drawings to find the quantity of steel in a storm water manhole or any other structure? 729
Explain the water bound macadam roag 690
whaat is blister in box girder bridge and what is its function.. 1102
What is the yield of 100 litres of water and 10 kg of cement in grout mix? 332
Pls explain me about tension and compression in a flat slab 118
hoe much fine & sourse agregate required for concrete mix of 1: 1.5:3 by volume in Cu.Ft 130
what is the formula for Mass of cement grout (Dg)=??? 418
which red: used in roof teping, then use only cement 375
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