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how many stones require for rr masonery work 1cum.    0  2
material requred for 1 square foot lanter with formula    0  3
What do you mean by the word 'shear'?    0  4
What do you mean by the word 'shear'?    0  5
Sir what reason the deshuttring of column 1 day after casting and slab deshuttring time 14 days after castingĀ     0  5
what will be the lap length of column reinforcement in case of welded lap    0  5
i have a bar diagram as straigtht bending, but i maked circle bend, how to i justify to others?    1  10
what is the density of steel and concrete in kg/m3?    3  13
What is NP in "NP BIB Tap"?    1  10
brick size-230x110x75, how many no of bricks cover 1cubic meter.    3  11
what are the questions that will be asked in interview in civil engineering    1  11
List out the diameter of series of bar for beam, column, slab and footing?    2  16
how many Concrete hollow blocks (6"x8"x16") will one mason and one helper accomplish/Install a day (8 hrs/day)?    1  14
how to calculate sand, aggregate and cement in m25 concrete?    1  16
In what construction is concrete grade m35 used?    2  23
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Un-Answered Questions
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What are the delays in construction projects due to approvals from owners? How can we analyze them in different prospective? Whats their affects and effects on presently going work? 234
how we check the thickness and line of ceiling plaster. 152
how to do sudoko puzaals? 221
Caching, Multithreading and RAMBUS are 3 methods for resolving the Bottleneck problem. Please give an explanation for each one (how are they resolve the problem?) 360
What is the differential length of steel reinforcement? What is the over lap length of steel in different grades of concrete? 104
How will you reduce the concrete flow after mixing the concrete 227
contractor receive 100 MT steel.after compliting the work the contractor refund 90 MT steel.How reconsilation of steel done? 175
how will calculate 4"thick solid block quantities 1m3 sand cement ratio and breack up detail 351
what is anchorage length,lap length and (dont remember the last one) 170
whou haat goals do you have in your career 240
hii.plz send me hpcl placement papers for officers trainees for graduate engg plz my email id is 315
How to plan a project 185
how gradation of aggregates effect on slump of fresh concrete? 209
minor loss due to sudden contraction 1>flow contraction 2>Expanssion of flow after sudden contraction 3>cavitation 4>boundry friction 55
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