Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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Method of findingthe dry ingredient quantity of 1 m3 concrete.

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Are you having any structural design experience?

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Tell us your experience in Interior Design and Architectural Firms?


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what is Quality Reporting?


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what is pile foundation?

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How bonding is done for composite massonary?

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what are the CAD software versions you have used?


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Explain your project management?

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what is meant by Stagging?

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Did you handle any interior designing jobs?


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Are you good at detailing and explain about the project you have worked on detailing?

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Are you comfortable with formal design concepts in the home furnishings area?



What is softsoil? what kind of foundation?

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What was your synopsis for thesis topic?



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please what is the number of bars required for a column of 6mx6m and 450mmx300mm,its a commercial building (Church)


I am a civil engineering student and going to attend interview in this week in an IT company.Will they ask me questions about my area of interest or cs


How can i display 5 asterisk and another 5 asterisk )?


find the discharge of water through a horizental venturimeter having 400mm dia at the inlet main and 150mm dia at thorat.if the diffrential gauge between inlet and thorat shows a pressure head of 25cm mercury. assume coefficient discharge 0.98 and specfic gravity of mercury as 13.6.


Power grids in two adjacent states(A&B) are interconnected. Can power grid in state A can be represented by Thevenin Equivalent Circuit. If not explain Why?


Please tell me Detail cost of providing& laying nominal mix design 1:2.5:5,40mm nominal size.curing complete e/c cost of form work in foundation and plinth i/c carriage.


length where bent up is made in slab of bridge from one end


1) write Short notes about Shellow & Deep well? 2) What is the full form of SPT & SMB? write short notes. 3) write short notes about efficiency of Riveted joint.


How much form and scaffolding per cubic meter volume of concrete class ''A'', ''B'', and ''C''


in a corner footing of a building, column lies in one corner. in this condition i want to know if the reactive pressure of soil will be uniformly distributed throughout the footing or will be uniformly varying as in the case of eccentrical loading.


in staad pro. modelling for a parallel scissors chord truss, when i assigned roller support i.e fixwd but with all Fx, FZ, Mx, My and Mz release except Fy... the analysis results " in stability at a joint, with direction Mx or My..what could be the reason...anyone please explaing


why should we use 20mm graded metal only in vrcc?why we shouldnot use 40mm metal?


Process of pcc in wateredug


cement required for construction of 400mm*200mm*200mm concrete solid blocks for 1sq.mtrs,how?


is it fair to recruit another prestressing agency once earlier agency has provided guide cone for post stressing the Concrete -I girders? It is observed that the bearing plate of another agency is not matching with the earlier one resulting in protruded strands after stressing from the face of girder. Kindly advice.