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What is snapring ?    0  5
What is cavitations?How it is generated?    2  5
If beating no. Is 6205 described the the each no.    0  5
in regenrative cycle why to use two liquid(water&mercury) on steam genration cycle.    0  7
What happened when Delivery valve closed and Suction valve open in centrifugal pump.(in running conditions)    1  15
1TR = 400 cfm How?    0  13
Hoew to represent unilateral tolerance, as Bilateral tolerance in engg drawing...? Example: 1.295 +0.000 and -0.10, as unitolerance, write the value in bilateral tolerance?    0  17
what is the calculation of selection ofan capacity is 12000m3/hr.    0  20
what is the main differance betn id & fd fan    1  24
based on the recruitment program and the expected resumption date    0  17
what is bearing journal?    4  67
What is the function of rocker arm    2  70
Pink city of india    3  81
if there is self ignition in petro engines then why is the need of spark plug in petrol engine ???    1  102
At what principle Air Compressor Works?.. What are the rule governing air compressor operation:    1  201
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is fuel catalytic cracking 300
how many types of jacks 520
diffuser increases pressure but in turbine pressure is decreasing when steam passing through casing? 1123
plz send me paper of mppgcl 2008 or experience posted by any candidate 1952
pl. send me jr.engg.model question for rrb malda. 513
how can we calculate the size of bearing with the size of plummer block? 1337
why we use charcoal layer in aqua silencer to purify the gases?? 2092
what is the calculation of selection ofan capacity is 12000m3/hr. 20
what shows avribiations related to bearing blocks 300
Respected sir please send placement paper of bpcl 993
A very strange fault i cam across today,that i never experienced not studied before, i need an answer for this. Phase to phase or line to line , L1,L2 & L3, voltages are 490VAC, but if i use line to ground , its again 490 VAC. . . whats the fault and theory behind of it? 260
please sent last five years junior engineer mechnical question pappers 901
2. Dry saturated steam at 3.5 bar is expanded through a convergent nozzle to 2.2 bar. The exit area is 5 sq. cm. Calculate the exit velocity and mass flow rate, assuming isentropic expansion and super saturated flow. b) A cast iron cylinder head is fastened to a cylinder of 750mm bore with 12 stud bolts. The maximum pressure inside the cylinder is 3 Mpa. The stiffness of part is thrice the stiffness of the bolt. What should be the initial tightening load so that the point is leak proof at maximum pressure? Also choose a suitable bolt for the above application 2 The propeller shaft of a marine engine is to transmit 600 kW at 1200 rpm, without a significant bending. The efficiency of the propeller is 88% at 32 knots ( 1 knot = 1085 km/hr). If the slenderness ratio is less than 50 and the permissible shear stress should not exceed 65 Mpa. Determine the diameter of shaft. 3 A semi-elliptic leaf spring consists of two extra full-length leaves and six graduated length leaves, including the master leaf. Each leaf is 7.2 mm thick and 65 mm wide. The centre-to-centre distance between the two eyes is 1.3m. The leaves are pre-stressed in such a way that when the load is maximum, stress induced in all leaves are equal to 380 N/mm sq. Determine the maximum force that the spring can withstand 419
how many types of oil spilling available .what types of tools using for oil spillling precautions. 1175
HI I am going to write HAL for the post of management trainee. I need model / Sample Question . Plz help me 405
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