can I copy book which contain db2 statment in procedure

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can I copy book which contain db2 statment in procedure divion?..

Answer / vikas pujar

No. Because the Precompiler will comment out all the SQL statements and replace them with equvi call statements. And if use DB2 statment in Copy ,during pre compilation the statements in the copybook wont be commented out.. they will get expanded during compliation of modified source code and we will get Complilation error there.

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can I copy book which contain db2 statment in procedure divion?..

Answer / siddhesh

You can if you are using an integrated COBOL compiler. In
an intergrated COBOL compiler the DB2 precompiler, CICS
translator and the COBOL compiler work together. You can
CICS and/or DB2 statements in a copybook.

If you are using a standalone compiler, you cannot include
SQL statements in COPY.

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