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can any one explain me the where is the use of plc and scada

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can any one explain me the where is the use of plc and scada..

Answer / mohan kumar

plc and scada is used for monitoring and control any plants
and it can be used for drives in an efficient way such that
space required will be less

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can any one explain me the where is the use of plc and scada..

Answer / pprakashbabuachuta


LOGICAL OPERATION scada is connected with plc through pc

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can any one explain me the where is the use of plc and scada..

Answer / nikunj patel

plc and scada is used for control purpose. it is one type of
controller by using of this we can on/off any equipment.
Here use leader diagram for programing is simply
multi switch with individual control. Now a days micro
controller use in place of plc

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can any one explain me the where is the use of plc and scada..

Answer / tarun aggarwal ymca

PLC: PLC is a Micro Processor based Electronic Device which is used to control certain process according to predefined programs which are saved in the PLC.
These programs can be change or modified as per the requirement.
SCADA: as its name Implies Supervisory Control and Data acquisition, is used for monitoring and controlling of Processes which displayed graphically.
Through SCADA we can do just small changes during the execution of process ( e.g, we can change only value of variables).
Also it gives feature like storing, and can communicate to other servers.
Here programming is done in Scripting language.

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