What is the difference between SPC & SQC?

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Answer / pawan mishra

Both are method to control such things or characteristics
under certain limits but one control is in respect of
process(SPC) and other one is in respect of product's
characteristics statisticaly(SQC) by using same DMAIC
process and using 7QC tools.

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Answer / kartik k

SPC-statistical proccess control
SQC- statistical quality control

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Answer / raj

SPC is part SQC, SPC is measure and control the process
performances, SQC measure all performance of the product,

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Answer / preetha

spc- it is the process of controlling the defects in the product using various methods(process)

sqc- it is on how the defects are controlled by applying the methods (process). through which , how the quality is maintained

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Answer / sandy

SPC is an analysis of product characteristics which are affect the product during its manufacturing processes, but SQC is an analysis of product characteristics which could affect the product during, after and before the manufacturing processes. It include the design, process & market failure of part too. 

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Answer / ponniah s

SPC controls the process of the product and SQC controls
its statistical variations.

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Answer / ramreborn

mmethods used is SPC control charts for variables and
control chart for attributes for finding whether the
variation with the limits

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