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Why we are going for converter transformers for DC drives
application instead of distribution transformer?

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What is magneto on a gas generator. how it functions. its out put is d.c or a.c. how it can be checked for correct functioning

0 Answers  

What is the formuala to calculate the rating of motor protection circuit breaker

0 Answers  

Why can not you store AC power in battery like DC power?

1 Answers   NTPC,

what irequirment need to be followed when working on live equipment

0 Answers  

What is the safe limit of voltage between earth and neutral in india.

2 Answers   Incepta Pharmaceuticals,

what is reactive power (MVAR) and how it is control? how it is generate in powerplant?

1 Answers  

In electrical locomotive engines, the DC series motors is being used as traction motor. But in new engines like in WAP7 & WAG9 the 3-phase squiral cage induction motors has replaced them. So can someone tell me the advantages of induction motor over dc seris motor in engines points of view....???

0 Answers   RRB,

How do you calculate the actual power consumption of an inductive load appliance. Say, a deep freezer of 200watts

0 Answers  

How to calculate the load loss and no load losses of the power Transformer? i am having the following details : full load ct : in AMP HV :1676 ; LV:31.5 1800 KVA ;33KV/620 V for wind mill applications

2 Answers   ReasonSoft,

why onlyseries motors are used as universal motors? why not shunt?

4 Answers   TCS,

What is the simplest formula to calculate the rotor diameter of a synchronous generator?

0 Answers   PEI,

30 kVA and voltage 380/220VAC how to find out kA?

5 Answers  

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