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synchronous motor of 13.5MW having which type protection?
and how to set relay?give me relay setting calculation for
different protection for this motor assume efficiency,power
factor and other term if neccecery

synchronous motor of 13.5MW having which type protection? and how to set relay?give me relay settin..

Answer / ravi

Protection of S.M Above 12 MW:-

The Best Protection method is by SPM:-

Application of SPM Protection:-

• Field application
• DC field current loss, exciter current loss, DC field

• PF regulation, reluctance torque synchronizing
• Protects motor during start up and in the event of
asynchronous operation
• Squirrel cage winding overheating protection
• Automatic phase rotation correction
• Auto-loading and incomplete sequence
• Regulator tuning mode
• True RMS metering with DFT filtering
• Optional power factor regulator with adjustable settings
• Power factor & pull out protection (Optional)
• Speed dependent squirrel cage overload protection
• Motor restart protection

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