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technical questions asked by visa steel interview plg get me!

technical questions asked by visa steel interview plg get me!..

Answer / kiran

please inform me campus recruitment procedure of visa steel

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in a refinery one motor is suddenly stoped. what will do how can i findout the problem explain step by step

2 Answers  

the resistance of wire having length X M is R OHEM if i streched the wire to dubble length what will be the resitance

3 Answers  

I did oil BDV test of 1600 KVA trafo 20KV/400V as per IEC 156. Result is 1) 58 KV 2) 58 KV 3)40 KV 4) 50 KV 5) 58 KV 6) 18 KV. Avr is 47 KV. Can we say oil is still ok even in the 6th test BDV is 18 KV ?

1 Answers  

what is an alternator & generator

5 Answers  

hi i m going to attend bhel interview on 22nd sep 2008 for ET(electrical engineering).pls guide me how to prepare for the interview.i am a fresher.

1 Answers   Bhel,

to improve the existing power factor whether capacitors have to be added in series or parallel.and why

3 Answers  

Tell me about Tesla.

1 Answers   Tata Power,

1.type of oil in used in transformer.

9 Answers  

If load is 240 kw & pf is 0.8 lagging, than how to increase it from0.8 to 1.0(unit),which rating capacitor used, please give me Calculation. What is effact of consumer & suplier if pf is lagging or leading with on effect machines/ TF/GE etc.

6 Answers   L&T,

working principles of cf lamp,incandescentlamp and f lamp?

0 Answers  

What is the value of system voltage?

2 Answers   Bhel,

How to justify this statement ??? "Capacitors in series provide less capacitance but higher voltage breakdown rating for the combination"

0 Answers  

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