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What is Avg. Power Consumption of 2 TR Split A/C???How v
can calc. this???

What is Avg. Power Consumption of 2 TR Split A/C???How v can calc. this???..

Answer / sudhakar

@ton means 2 KW consumption....this is calculated in watts per

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how does excitation of brushless alternator took place?

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one KVAR takes how much amps, and how to add power capacitors to electrical panels, for example if one of the MCC drawn 800amps means how much KVAR required

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why connecting surge unit in contactor coil

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the inertia constants of two machines are respectively 30and 42 MJ per MVA.when the change in frequency due to change in load in first machine is 12 Hz,the change in second machine frequency will be?

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what convarts RRA in alternator ,AC to DC or DC to AC,

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What is the difference between indoor and outdoor transformer

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What type of fittings and electrical accessories can be install in radiation area ?

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Define transfer function?

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E.B sending end to receiving end 33kv ug cable laid 8Km,receiving end to ss1,ss2,ss3,ss4 all are Approx 800 Mtr,can go for 33KV to 430V or 33kv to 11kv in receiving end and 11kv to 430 near ss ,which one is good for technically and economically.

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why are transformers rated in KVA and not in KW

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What is a HRC fuse (Full form)

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