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What is Skin effect in Cable?

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What is Skin effect in Cable?..

Answer / sateesh

Whenever an alternating current pass through the conductor
the current density is near the surface of the conductor is
greater than the core(middle of the conductor).

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What is Skin effect in Cable?..

Answer / pankaj malhotra

When DC supply is given to the conductor, current flows
uniformly throughout the cross section of the conductor.
But in case of AC, Current does not flows uniformly
throughout the cross section and concentrate near the
surface of the core. The concentration of current near the
surface of the core is the skin effect.

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What is Skin effect in Cable?..

Answer / dharmendra

Boss, Simple thing...!
R= ρ x L / A
For any conductor L can be any thing (1,10,50,500 on), row (ρ) resistivity will be constant for AL or CU.
Now this whole thing which is playing here is A, as its inverse proportional to R

at center A=0; R= ∞ at mid A= crossection area/2,; R will be double .
and at Surface A= cross section area, (means R will be minimum),

Current is also lazy as we engineers are, hence it will go through the path where R will be minimum, so it will flow over the outer most skill of CU or AL conductor,
This is called skin effect.

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What is Skin effect in Cable?..

Answer / minal verma

ccording to skin effect, ac current flows only on the
surface of the conductor.No current flows at the centre of
the conductor.Thus the surface area of the flow of the
current will be less.

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