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what will happen when reverse reactive power occurs in

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what will happen when reverse reactive power occurs in alternators?..

Answer / ramji

When reverse reactive power occurs the outgoing current in
the particular alterntor will go high and it will trip on
overcurrent.Also this conditon occurs when excitation of
the subjected alterantor fails when it is connected
parallel with other alternator or grid.Also this condition
occurs when the rotating diode of alternator fails when
them machine is ruuning.If wrong pls correct me.

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what will happen when reverse reactive power occurs in alternators?..

Answer / shrishail h b

When alternator reactive power goes to negative, running
with Grid. Also alternator power factor it goes to leading.
It condition alternator will draw the reactive power from
the grid. So, we ajust the alternator reactive power always
positive side, means running MW load around 30% MVAR.

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what will happen when reverse reactive power occurs in alternators?..

Answer / venu


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