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how to explain to a ten year old what a protoplasm is ???

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how to explain to a ten year old what a protoplasm is ???..

Answer / meena

Cell is unit of life every organ is made up of cells.
likewise cells are 2 types animal and plant cells
in a cell there is a ncleus and which is covered by
cytoplasm the layer which present after the cytoplasm
before the cell wall is called protoplasm

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how to explain to a ten year old what a protoplasm is ???..

Answer / sumedha

protoplasm is described as the contents of the cell except
the cell wall i.e cell-cell wall=protoplasm

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how to explain to a ten year old what a protoplasm is ???..

Answer / surya

our body is made of millions of cells which are
like "balls " in which the upper layer of ball is cell wall
and the inside whole layer is imagined to be cyto
plasm .... so the remaining part is called the proto
like this or"

a cell unit is just like a pencil if cut transversly...and
imagined that the paint coated to be cell wall and the nib
to be the cyto plasmic content then the remaining wood part
would be the protoplasm

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