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wahat is name about ch3ch3ch3

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wahat is name about ch3ch3ch3 ..

Answer / vishusn

In ch3-ch3-ch3 valency is not balanced i think this
question is wrong, that may be ch3-ch2-ch3 this is propane.

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wahat is name about ch3ch3ch3 ..

Answer / vaibhav k. more

I think this question is
wrong because CH3-
CH3-CH3 Is not
balanced formula
CH3-CH2-CH3 is a

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wahat is name about ch3ch3ch3 ..

Answer / sreelekha nossam

it is not a valancy equation may be ch3ch2ch3 is correct propane

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wahat is name about ch3ch3ch3 ..

Answer / guest


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