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Why Dissolving and then reforming crystals can improve
their purity?

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Why Dissolving and then reforming crystals can improve their purity?..

Answer / obuli

The basic recrystallization plan is to dissolve an impure
solid in ahot solvent, then cool the solution so that the
desired molecules recrystallize while the
impurities remain in solution. Subsequent filtration
separates the solid crystal from the liquid
solvent.temperature (so that the impurities are freed), but
weak enough so that at least some of your
sample crystallizes out after cooling (so that you get at
least some yield harvested.)

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Why Dissolving and then reforming crystals can improve their purity?..

Answer / naveen gutta

Crystallization is a technique used to produce the purified form of the compound. Generally the purified form and the impurities will show different solubility characteristics in different solvents at different temperatures.Some compounds will dissolve at room temperature only and it can be recrystallized at a temperature less than RT. Usage of combination of two solvents (miscible/miscible depending on the solubility) is preferable for crystallization purpose.

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