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What is the difference between Dielectric and Insulator

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What is the difference between Dielectric and Insulator..

Answer / rahul

Dielectics and insulators are considered synonymous terms.
but they r not. "dielectric" is more often used to describe
materials where the dielectric polarization is important,
such as the insulating material between the metallic plates
of a capacitor, while "insulator" is more often used when
the material is being used to prevent a current flow across
Thus all dielectics are insulators but all insulators are
not dielectric.

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What is the difference between Dielectric and Insulator..

Answer / prashant

the main difference between dielectric & insulator is the
dielectric used where energy is stored. like capecitor. but
in case of insulator we used it as a wall which do not
provide any path to flow current through it. the dielectric
is also a insulator.

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What is the difference between Dielectric and Insulator..

Answer / babita bhall

The term 'dielectric' is more often used when considering
thr effect of alternating electric fieldon a substance
whereas 'insulator' is used when a material is used to
withstand high electric field.

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What is the difference between Dielectric and Insulator..

Answer / pavithra

The dielectric materials are used in capacitor like glass

Insulators wont allow any current through it... EG: Glass,

But wood cant be dielectric material... it means All the
dielectric materials are insulators... but all the
insulators are not dielectric materials...

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What is the difference between Dielectric and Insulator..

Answer / uzair bin khalid

The difference between dielectric and insulator lies in its
field of application. Dielectrics are used to store the
electric charges, while insulators are used to block the
flow of electric charges (they more or less act like a
wall). While all dielectrics are insulators (they don't
allow the flow of electric charges through them) all
insulators aren't dielectric because they can't store
charges unlike dielectrics.

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What is the difference between Dielectric and Insulator..

Answer / abdul samad

the dielectric used where the energy is stored.... example
of capacitor.

insulators are used as wall which does not provide path for
flowing to current through it..
(somi arain)

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What is the difference between Dielectric and Insulator..

Answer / ktrao_srikakulam

Insulators are substances which permit very less current flow through them. Substance such as porcelain, wood are examples. Dielectrics are also insulators. But, more specifically, they are materials which can be polarized. In dielectric materials, the electrons are bound to the nucleus and have limited movement. When an external voltage is applied to the dielectric, the nucleus of the atoms is attracted to the negative side and the electrons are attracted to the positive side. Hence, the material gets polarized. This is a key feature of a dielectric.

Thus all dielectrics are insulators, but all insulators are not dielectrics. A dielectric can thus store charge. This characteristic makes it very useful in the form of capacitors.

Dielectric substances conduct very little electricity but are good supporters of electric fields. They also dissipate very less energy, i.e. have low dielectric loss.

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What is the difference between Dielectric and Insulator..

Answer / rahul shekhar

The difference between dielectrics and insulators depends on the field of application.That means, dielectrics are used to store electric charges and even can conduct electricity after its dielectric strength(which is the strength of the dielectric to store charges with maximum value of electric field, This situation,when dielectric conducts electricity breaking down its main property of storing charges, is known as dielectric breakdown ).
Whereas Insulators neither store electric charges nor conduct electricity in any situation.

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What is the difference between Dielectric and Insulator..

Answer / ubaithulla baig

All insulators are dielectric but all dielectrics are not
insulators.This means only certain insulators can posses
dielectric,where an insulator gets a minimum charge in the
presence of electric field known as dielectric.

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