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what is the reactance,capacitance & impedence electrical
armoured & unarmored Cables.

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What happens when the polarity changes in CT? Explain briefly?

8 Answers  

Hi My Dear All Friends, There is one question it is widely used in Power Project's High Voltage Engineering. Question- What is the diffrence between Earth fault and Back up Earth Fault....???? . . . . . . Have A Good Day

1 Answers  

What happen if in three phase 440 v , when you check voltage by testor it glows except one phase and in the same time when you check by multimeter it shows 440 v in any two phase.what will be the reason...

1 Answers   Greatship,

design of IGBT firing circuit for 11KV

0 Answers  

difference between isolater and circuit breaker?

7 Answers   Adani,

What is Specific Gravity of the Electrolyte used in Lead Acid Battery????What is Unit????

7 Answers   Emerson,

Why frequency changes due to load variation in power system ? i.e why when load increases frequency decreases?

0 Answers   Madina Group,

what is the disadvantage if earth is connected to neutral

6 Answers  

What is the main difference between power transformer and Distribution transformer?

9 Answers   APTransco, Bhel, NTPC,

what is advertised hop count

0 Answers  

What is the Levels of High Voltage, Medium Voltage & Low Voltage?

1 Answers  

We are having a 2000KVA DG set. It trips with Over speed and Engne Hot when the mahine is stopped in full speed. How shall I analyse the block load and reverse power.Is the problem related to power factor. The machine which runs on this DG is having all Synchronous motors with incividual Drives.

1 Answers  

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