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Why 60Hz motor taking more current on load in 50Hz power

Why 60Hz motor taking more current on load in 50Hz power supply?..

Answer / k.prakashchandra

Probably due to higher speed.

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ho can we calculate the conductor insulation value according to their ratings like voltage,current insulation value related with voltage,current and power of amachine

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I have connected 04nos. earthings to a transformer through 04nos. earthing pits seperately. 02nos. earthings are connected to T/F body, and 02nos. earthings are connected to T/F neutral.T/F capacity is 2000KVA, 11KV/415V. But after completing of 02 years successful operation ,we are facing following problems- 1. CT/PT occured blast one time 2. HT cable box occured blast two times 3. One body earthing strip and one neutral earthing strip of transformer are overlapping at some places. Whenever these two strips are pressed at overlapped points, they made spark. What is the reason of spark? Please explain the reason & rectification of above problems

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single sphase energy meter measur

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0 Answers   MAB,

Explain the operation of variable frequency transformer?

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Dear Friends, I have a 500KVA transformer supplying whole factory having 3 phase and single phase mixed loads. Power room has ammeters connected via CTs for individual phase. Now I know that readings shown on meter for each phase say R,Y and B are line currents. But when I want to know the total on transformer do I need to add the currents of all three phases readings shown on meter or value for anyone phase will give me the correct power load on transformer for that point of time. 2. If ammeter shows unbalanced readings for R,Y, B phases say 150, 250 and 300 respectively so can I assume that 150A i.e average of 3 will be the 3phase load currents and remaining will be 1phase currents. Please clarify my doubt.

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How do you convert the lt amps on a transformer to the ht amps?

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how to calculate micom relay earth falt time and current sertting

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My meter ratio is -/5 and ct ratio is 100/5 now what will be the multiplying factor and how ?

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can we use 3 phase UPS for Motors and Other Machines

4 Answers   ACC,

what is a pilot wiring and whys that called a pilot wiers

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what is ring system ?

3 Answers   Bhel, Sabic,

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