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What is the basic working principle of Tri vector meter?

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What is the basic working principle of Tri vector meter?..

Answer / suhas ambade

The mesurment of active, reactive and apparent energy is
done by trivector meter. The records the active and
reactive component seperatly.

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What is the basic working principle of Tri vector meter?..

Answer / vijay

I t can Measure Active(cos0),Reactive(sin0) and Apprent or
Real Power(VI) Power i.e with the help of one meter we can
measure Kva.Kw and Kvar

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What is the basic working principle of Tri vector meter?..

Answer / sourav dutta

this is a instrument, which measures kvah and also kva of maximum demand. it consists of a kwh meter and a reactive kvah meter in the common case with a special summator mounted between them. the summator is driven by both the meters through a complicated gearing, which makes the summator to register kvah at all power factors.

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What is the basic working principle of Tri vector meter?..

Answer / nirupa chaturvedi

trivector meters are used to measure kVAh and also kVA of
maximum has a kwh meter and reactive kvah meter in
a case with special summator mounted between them.

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What is the basic working principle of Tri vector meter?..

Answer / pushpendra tyagi

This instrument helps to reduce electrical energy bills
through better management of electrical energy usage.

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