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why is only third harmonics is dangerous for electrical

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why is only third harmonics is dangerous for electrical equipments?..

Answer / donaal saka

on doing harmonic analysis of any system ,we usually come across with odd harmonics due to unique symmetry of waveforms. The Amplitude of each harmonic component goes on decreasing as harmonic order increases .Since after fundamental we have third harmonic which will have appreciable amplitude and hence can affect system performance

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why is only third harmonics is dangerous for electrical equipments?..

Answer / xeeshan.raza

Harmonics is the sudden increase in the system voltage it
is caused by addition of unwanted frequencies to the
sinusiodal waveform of ac system . the odd multiple harmonics like 3rd 5th 7th are most dangerous

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why is only third harmonics is dangerous for electrical equipments?..

Answer / xeeshan raza


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