define IDMT relay?

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define IDMT relay?..

Answer / nimish

It is an inverse definite minumum time relay. In IDMT relay
its operating is inversely proportional to fault current
and also a characteristic of minumum time after which this
relay definately operates.

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define IDMT relay?..

Answer / niranajn

Inverse definite minimum time relay

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define IDMT relay?..

Answer / klm

It is inverse in the sense , the tripping time will decrease as the magnitude of fault current increase.
simply saying,
"for a fault current of 25KA-the time delay may be 2s.
& for a fault current of 30KA the tme delay may be 1.5s.thus as the fault current increases the time delay decreases.

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define IDMT relay?..

Answer / suthan prabhu

It is Inverse Definite Minimum Time Relay. This will work
inversly proportional to Fault current and our time delay
settings in the relay.

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define IDMT relay?..

Answer / prasanna

IDMT - Inverse Definite Minimum Time lag

Inverse - Operating time is inverse with fault current magnitude
Definite - Time characteristics is definite (Near constant) irrespective of current magnitude

Minimum time lag - time taken to operate is less when compared to other protection relays

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define IDMT relay?..

Answer / md.moazzem hosen

IDMT relay means inverse definite minimum time relay.That
means when fault current increases then operating time

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define IDMT relay?..

Answer / er. mohammed yusuf fahad

The IDMT Inverse definite minimum time relay is one such
type of relay where the delay time of the relay is
inversely proportional to the magnitude of the fault
current. For ex. If the fault current is of the magnitude
of 8KA the delay taken by the relay to tripp the ckt may be
3 sec likewise if a fault current of 16KA persists in the
system the IDMT delay time will automatically reduce to 1.5
sec and so on. It is used in applications of overcurrent
relays and earth fault relays.

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define IDMT relay?..

Answer / shyam

it is a type of inverse current relay but with minimum time

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define IDMT relay?..

Answer / adesh

is an inverse definite minimum time relay
there are 2 precautions to be considered when using this these precautions are the time setting and the current tap setting
these are to be considered since the relay is dependent on the inverse of time

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define IDMT relay?..

Answer / n.ravi teja

it is inverse definite time relay.and in the name it self
inverse means when fault current is more then its operating
time is less.because if it takes more time the equipment
may to avoid this the relay is made with inverse

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