Why u want to leave the job? & Why u want to join our

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Why u want to leave the job? & Why u want to join our orgnization?..

Answer / gourav

for better oppurtunity,i leave my old job& looking for new
experience in ur organization.

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Why u want to leave the job? & Why u want to join our orgnization?..

Answer / nikhil pagnis

I want to work for a Company where i can have good exposure
to Customer Service, also working for a Company like _________
would give me an opportunity to prove myself and my caliber

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Why u want to leave the job? & Why u want to join our orgnization?..

Answer / soumyashis

Till now I have not got any job,because till now Iam
studying with my ongoing graduation with b.com.Though I am
doing an computer Hardware maintenance course from
westbengal youth training center.It is registered

My next answer is
that I want to join Your organization because as far I
concern Dell is one of the greatest computer manufacturing
company,but also joining in this company I think it would
be a very precesious mater for me in my life.

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