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Consagous Technology pvt ltd indore inteview experience

Consagous Technology pvt ltd indore inteview experience..

Answer / praveen kumar chourey

Hello Everybody

This is Praveen Kumar Chourey from All Saints’College of Technology Gandhi
Nagar Bhopal M.P.

I want to just express my experience about the campus recruitment drive by
Consagous Technology Pvt. Ltd. Indore, that was conducted on 9th of June
2012 at our college i,it was for both 2011,2012 batch of CSE,IT and ECE

That day I met with the highly energetic dynamic and great enthusiastic
personality and that great person is the CEO of company Mr. Mukesh Singh.
The recruitment team consists of 4 members including CEO
The recruitment staff is very co-operative and supportive . They created a
very good atmosphere during the recruitment. They have given us tips and
guide us for every stage of the procedure and motivate us.
The recruitment process of Consagous Technology consists of 4 rounds as

1. Written Test
2. Group Discussion
3. Technical interview
4. HR interview

Written Test:

The first round was written test. The Paper was made up from two parts

The technical consist of 30 questions which has got maximum .NET questions
and 10 aptitude questions
i.e. a total of 40 questions were asked.
The level of questions was average and a few tough stuff was also there.

I may not remember all but a few memorised are mentioned:

i. Prototyping of a function means
a. call b. Declaration c. parameter passing

ii. What command in UNIX to go on backgroung.
iii a question about kernel
iv. What is the output of following code:

class Mylist
public static void main(String args[])
int a=args[1];
int b=args[2];
int c=args[3];
System.out.println("Ram is "+c);

Output should be Ram is 2 then

a. java 222
b. java 0231
c. java 0232
d. java 021

v. What is importance of generic function in .NET?
vi what is the output of the following program
Void main()
Int a=7,b=9,c=20;
a.20 b. 30 c.0 d.15


i. If a clock exactly show the 8 O'clock in the morning. What is the angle
between the hour hand when the clock exactly show 2 O'clock at noon.

a. 90 b. 120 c. 180 d. 240

ii. Question based on up stream and down stream.
iii. Question based on time distance.
iv. Question based on percentage.
v. Question based on probability.
vi. a question based on true discount
vii.a question based on race
out of 120 , 44 candidate qualified the written test
Group Discussion:
It was the most important aspect of selection after declaration of written
result ,we are being divided into 3 groups
the topics were
(i)Spiritualization and Technology
(ii) use of mobile phone is good or bad.

It was the thirty minute process after keen observation only 17 candidates
are qualified
Technical interview:
Those who are selected in GD are being called for this round , it was done
by two members of recruiting team, a few asked
questions were as follows:

(i)Inroduce yourself
(ii)What is sql
(iii) What is object
(iv)OOPs and its core concepts
(v)What is Binding and type of binding
(vi) About router
(vii)What is Bluetooth how it manufacture and functionality of bluetooth.
All questions were basic and conceptual,so have a clear concepts.

HR interview:.
in the HR few asked are as follows:
(i)Introduce yourself
(ii)IT awareness
(iii)Why should we hire you.
(iv)Tell 5 positive and negative things about you
(V)tell us about 5 search engines
(vi)Where do you see yourself after few years.
.....and a few more

Afer the overall procedure the time came to announce the result that was
very tough time for me I am praying to god.
And they announce the name of 5 lucky candidate ……….and I was one of them I
was very happy that day
Thank You.

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