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why do we appoint u if we have software for same work?

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why do we appoint u if we have software for same work?..

Answer / dhananjay gadve

Sowtware is a tool and computer is working on GIGO
principal. And to operate a tool you need skillful operator.

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why do we appoint u if we have software for same work?..

Answer / mob

Softwares are basically written programmes or a set of
programmes intended to complete a particular task and so
are pre-programmed. Softwares do not have brain but yes,
the humans who design them do have. Softwares will
repetatedly do the same job without the ability to
distingush between right and wrong part of it.

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why do we appoint u if we have software for same work?..

Answer / sathish

Software is do the anything if is on that mind.But u & me
is not possible we do any on computers mind also.Take a
correct and timing decisions getting human only.

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