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why more extractions are restricted in steam turbine

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why more extractions are restricted in steam turbine..

Answer / akm

it decreases the efficiency of the turbine
basically, staeam extractions is done in the steam turbine
to recover the part of the heat loss in the condenser.
at the same time we are loosing work done also.
if we extract more steam from turbine, work done by the
steam turbine will reduce.

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why more extractions are restricted in steam turbine..

Answer / arun singh

extraction is done basically for increasing the feedwater
temperature for proper deaeration which is acheived at 105C
and is further steam is extracted the work done for
generating power is reduced thus.thus more extractions are

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why more extractions are restricted in steam turbine..

Answer / phani

This extraction is some times useful to us.
By extract some steam at the last state of L.P. turbine, we
can reduce the back pressure and it enhances the vacuum
function in condenser.
But as extraction are increases, the main rotation of
turbine decreases due to insufficient pressure.

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