3 boys go to the restaurant. Their bill was 75 rs..
So they contributed 25 each. Manager then gives 5 rs back
to the waiter and then waiter gave 3 rs back to them and
put 2 rs into his pocket..
So their actual contribution is 24 because they got 1-1 rs
back. so 24*3=72 and 2 rs into the waiter's pocket. so
where is 1 rs?

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Answer / pankaj kumar baruah

actually this problem should be solved like this....

they gave to manager==75.00
manager returns ==5.00
so their actual expense=70.00(75-5)
and again 2 rs is in waiters hand;so the actual expense
and they each expense is=24.00;

there is nothing like loss of 1rs.

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Answer / nishant

Well Money is not Missing.
24*3=72 and that's it, it includes the money to the
manager+the money to the waiter.
the rest of the money is already back to the Guys.

So it is something like:-

24*3(Which the boys lost, it includes 70rs to manager+2 rs
to waiter)+3(Which the boys got back)=75

Not a single penny is missing.

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Answer / hasan

the total amount they paid is 72.

72 = 70(with manager) + 2(with waiter).

there is nothing like 1 Re missing

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Answer / george prasanna

ooh... a vey interesting one.....

the bill amount was Rs.75....

three of them contributed Rs.25 each.so 3 x 25 =75 Rs,,,,,,

They had a discount of 5 Rs...

So their share is 75-5=70 70/3 =23.33

Now the waiter returned three rupees as a whole .... so
23.33 x 3 = 70.00 + 3 = 73 Rs...

The remaining 2Rs is with the waiter... So 73 + 2 =75

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Answer / pritam agrawal

actually 1 rs is nt missing.....

the total expense i.e. rs 72 includes the 2 rs given to the
waiter.....so no question of 72+2 addition.........instead
it would be like...70rs to manager....2 rs to waiter and 3
rs given back to the boys....so a total of 75 initial

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Answer / anirudha shinde

The real contribution is 24.33 not 24 because waiter kept 2
RS at himself, this will minus from bill amount the actual
bill amount would be 75-2=73.

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Answer / nitasha

one rs is not missing

money back giiven by manager= 5
so 75-5=70
money to waiter=rs 2
so total bill=70+2=72
then 3 rs given back by waiter=3
so total expense is 72+3=75
hence proved

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Answer / kashif


Its simple math. Question is totally wrong.

Waiters amount is added twice in question.


Manager took 70
Waiter Took 2
Total 72

Then why +2 added again in the amount.

They Actually paid 72 rupees not 74.

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Answer / gokul

waiters money also comes in the 72 rs.so should not add
waiters money extra.24*3=72(including waiters money)+3(each
boy gets one rupee back)=75

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Answer / harsh agrawal

24 rs. provided by three boys already includes the 2 rs
taken by the waiter. thus it is not two rs. that should be
added in 72 rs. rather it should be 3 rs.

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